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Happy little accidents (kiribaku) by Athensgeorgia
Happy little accidents (kiribaku)by wieboo weirdo
Bakugou Katsuki is an omega that has been in love with his roommate and alpha best friend Kirishima Eijirou since their days in UA. With Bakugou's heat coming he asks...
Soundless Media by SilhouetteSilo
Soundless Mediaby SilhouetteSilo
Kirishima is taking a gap year. He is mute and unsure what he wants to do. His best friend introduces him to a guy makeup guru, Bakugou. He inspires to be like him and s...
Sick! Bakugou x Kirishima  by BadVibesArt18
Sick! Bakugou x Kirishima by Bad Vibes
Bakugou gets really sick and Kirishima and the others find out and get Aizawa for help but he only gets worse.
KiriBaku // BakuShima (OneShots) by coffeesins
KiriBaku // BakuShima (OneShots)by kiribaku is law around here
Pretty self explanatory,, oneshots of my fave BNHA couple. Most are fluff,, but here's the code because some will be different: 💌 - smut ☁️ - fluff 🥀 - angst 🍒 - o...
Kirishima X Bakugou Oneshots  by 1lilpeep1
Kirishima X Bakugou Oneshots by Thiccdadss
Will include smut & fluff! Sooooo enjoy ;)
Redamancy | KiriBaku  by lanichaa_
Redamancy | KiriBaku by ℓαɳเα<3
dragon! Eijiro Kirishima x king! Katsuki Bakugou - A selfish king met a dumbass dragon. What will happen to them once they decide to partner as a team? - [C O M P L E...
The guy in my dreams <<kiribaku>> by bubbblex
The guy in my dreams >by anime weeb *^~^*
(Completed!) University au, no quirks. Bakugou Katsuki, a hot headed blonde eager to start the university UA of art and music, however The blonde has been having a recu...
Mysterious Love (Bakugou x Kirishima fanfic) by CadenceAsgeir07
Mysterious Love (Bakugou x Carissa Walker
Kirishima x Bakugou fanfic After being saved from the league of villains and now living in the dorms at U.A. Bakugou has this strange feeling about Kirishima. That shitt...
We Met Over Coffee (Izuku Midoriya x Y/N) Cafe/College AU by missweebam
We Met Over Coffee (Izuku Juliana :)
You're finally getting settled into your busy schedule as a college sophomore at UA University! You're taking the classes you actually like, meeting cool new friends, an...
Connected By Our Hearts- Kiribaku by ashycattxx
Connected By Our Hearts- Kiribakuby ash 💕 -3•
Okay, so this is another soulmate AU. Surprise surprise. It's the soul string AU, where everyone has a magical string tied to their ring finger. The other end of the str...
kiribaku (trans bakugou) by TheDogKali
kiribaku (trans bakugou)by TheDogKali
Bakugou is trans (ftm). He came out to his parents in middle school and it didn't turn out well. His mother was transphobic and his father acts like it but secretly help...
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Bakugou X Kirishima: Only Mine by TheB4kugouFangirl
Bakugou X Kirishima: Only Mineby TheB4kugouFangirl
Bakugou and Kirishima are very close to each other. They have know each other and been more than great friends for a while now. But then all of the sudden both Bakugou a...
KiriBaku by nico_fox_2005
KiriBakuby Nico
Bakugou has told All Might about what he has seen and heard. He goes to his dorm to rest but he is interrupted
Everyone can be Manly by SpeckledAspen
Everyone can be Manlyby Immortal Librarian
There he sat, in the girls' bathroom, crying. Tap tap tap "Hey! Are you okay in there?" A very kind, feminine voice rang out. She only wanted to help whoever c...
My Unbreakable Heart In Pieces  by TsukiNoUtawoutau
My Unbreakable Heart In Pieces by Shi no tenshi😈
Kirishima is feeling depressed lately not only because of his past self but also about a special somebody will he be able to solve those problems? Keep in check and fin...
Excuses || Kiribaku YouTuber AU by kiri-shine
Excuses || Kiribaku YouTuber AUby s h i n e
Ground Zero and Red Riot are both rather popular YouTubers who make content in the same genres. They have a lot of mutual fans who liked the thought of some connection b...
Inarticulate || Kiribaku AU by kiri-shine
Inarticulate || Kiribaku AUby s h i n e
Bakugou isn't the best at articulating his feelings, by anyone's standards. After one drunken night of not being able to hold himself back, he sends a long and detailed...
Truth or Dare by mad_jinxed
Truth or Dareby Mad_Jinxed
Kirishima has a somewhat of a crush on Bakugou, that much is obvious. When a game of truth or dare puts those feelings into spotlight, it becomes more difficult to prope...
You Belong With Me [Kiribaku] by Rose_on_the_Wall
You Belong With Me [Kiribaku]by Quinn
Valentine's Day special. Based off of Taylor Swift's song and music video, You Belong With Me, Kirishima is Bakugou's neighbour and friend. Witnessing Bakugou's fights w...
Midoriya breaks Class 1-A by AlishaBowers4
Midoriya breaks Class 1-Aby Rainbow Lust
It was raining and no one could continue to train outside. After an outburst of Shenki, Aizawa assigned different slides for everyone to do. What will happen when Shinso...