December 21-Christmas wrapping

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"Ni, I need your help." Louis hissed in Niall's ear.

"With what?" Niall whispered back, a little too loud and Louis looked around to make sure that Harry didn't hear them.

"A Christmas present to Harry." He whispered back.

"We'll go on our lunch break." Niall answered.

"Thanks!" Louis beamed.

Christmas was just a few days away. The guys had all accepted their invitation to celebrate Christmas together, considering all of them, Except Niall, were working on Christmas Eve, meaning neither of them could go home to celebrate Christmas with their families. They had decided to do the celebrating at Niall's place when his flat was the biggest. They were all secretly relieved that Annas' family was located in London and she was celebrating Christmas with them.

Harry and Louis had Saturday and Sunday off and spent every second of it with each other. On Saturday they went Christmas shopping for presents for the guys and then they went to the Cinema on a date and they had a quiet one at Harry's flat on Sunday. Harry cooked for them and they just hanged out, talked, and made out. It had been a perfect weekend and Louis was on cloud nine. Harry was absolutely amazing and Louis was falling fast and hard and he had butterflies in his stomach all the time and his heart was beating fast as soon as he laid eyes on the beautiful man.

At lunch, Louis and Niall quickly changed and hit the mall to find a present for Harry. Louis had decision anxiety. He wanted to buy something great for him but his bank account said otherwise.
"It's the thought that counts." Niall tried to comfort him.

"Why is this so hard?" Louis complained.

"Because you're in loooove." Niall teased with a grin and wiggled his eyebrows.

Louis blushed and didn't answer. He changed the subject.
"In my family, we always get a morning gift and then other presents later in the evening. I like that tradition."

"So two presents then. Look, here's some cool nail polish." Niall said and dragged him to a shelf.

"That's great! This pink one." Louis smiled and picked out a bottle of pink, glittery nail polish.

"You can give him that in the morning. How about a necklace?" Niall suggested.

"Yes! I knew bringing you along was a smart idea. Thanks, Niall." Louis beamed.

They went to a jewelry store and Louis picked out a silver necklace with a heart on it.

In the meantime, Harry had dragged Liam and Zayn along to buy presents for Louis. He needed to find a birthday present and a Christmas present. Talk about pressure. He didn't know where they stood but hopefully, they were heading towards something great. Louis gave him all of the fluffy feelings. He just adored everything about him.

They managed to do their shopping in half an hour and hurried to eat before they had to continue working. There was a never-ending line of children waiting to meet Santa.

Niall had convinced them all to go to Nando's after work and as they sat down in a booth they started to discuss their Christmas Eve plans.
"I'm gonna miss Christmas dinner." Niall sighed while he bit into a chicken wing.

"We could always cook one ourselves." Harry suggested.

They all stared at him like he was crazy so Louis announced proudly.
"Harry is a great cook!"

Harry gave him a thankful smile before he looked around at the boys.
"Don't tell me I'm the only one who knows my way around in the kitchen?"

"I can't cook for shit mate." Niall chuckled.

"I know the basics." Liam said with a shoulder shrug and Zayn just shook his head.

Harry looked at Louis who held up his hands in defense.
"No one wants me near a stove, trust me."

"Well, I can cook for us but you all have to help out."Harry said excitedly.

"I can be your moral support." Louis smirked and Harry rolled his eyes at him with a fond smile.

"Of course we'll help!" Liam said and Niall and Zayn agreed as well.

"Great! This will be so much fun!" Harry grinned. He picked up his phone to take notes. "Let's see, we need turkey and stuffing, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, cranberry sauce, roasted potatoes, Brussel sprouts, parsnips, and of course Christmas pudding for dessert. Anything else?"

"We always eat boiled ham in Ireland." Niall said and Harry made a note.

"My mum always makes pigs in a blanket." Liam said and Harry wrote that down as well.

"My mum makes this awesome bread." Zayn said.

"Can you get the recipe?" Harry asked.

"Of course." Zayn smiled happily.

"Louis?" Harry asked.

"Hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies." Louis answered with a smile and Harry cooed internally over how cute he was before he wrote that down as well.

"We have ourselves a Christmas dinner!" Harry grinned and they all cheered.

"We'll buy the groceries together. I don't work on Christmas Eve so I can do the turkey if you prepare it Harry and show me how?" Niall suggested.

"Yeah, of course." Harry answered.

They finished eating. When they came outside it had started to snow again. Louis smirked and leaned down to make a snowball and threw it on Niall who screeched.
"Louis! I'm gonna get you for that!"

Soon they were all indulged in a snowball fight and they were screaming and laughing on their way to the subway. Louis and Harry never threw snow at each other. Instead, they teamed up and peppered Niall, Zayn, and Liam with snow until they gave up.

They parted ways at the subway station. Louis followed Harry home. They were both wet and cold and as soon as they were inside Harry's apartment Louis turned to face him.
"Do you wanna take a bath with me?"

Harry nodded his head with a smile. They had seen each other naked even if they hadn't gone all the way yet so they weren't shy to get in the bathtub together.

He turned the water on and put bath foam in. They waited for the tub to fill and got undressed in the meantime after Harry had gotten them some clean towels. They took a seat in the tub. Harry leaned his back against Louis's chest.
"This is nice." He sighed.

"I'll take every chance I get to see you naked." Louis joked and kissed Harry's shoulder.

They warmed up in the hot water before they stood up to shampoo their hair while the water drained from the tub. After they were clean they stepped out and dried themselves on the towels. They didn't bother to put any clothes on and brushed their teeth together.
"21 days." Louis suddenly said, mouth full of toothpaste.

"What?" Harry questioned.

Louis spit out the toothpaste and rinsed his mouth before he talked again.
"We have known each other for 21 days. That's crazy, considering how relaxed I feel in your company. I'm standing here naked for fucks sake." He grinned.

"You're not the only one who's naked." Harry winked after he had rinsed his mouth.

"It's a great look on you." Louis flirted and wrapped his arms around Harry's neck and got up on his toes to kiss him.

Harry immediately kissed him back and Louis put his hands under Harry's knee pits instead and lifted him. Harry wrapped his legs around him and Louis carried him to the bed and laid them down. He didn't want to make a mess so after a heated make-out session, he took it further and went down and gave Harry a blowjob.
"Turn around." Harry panted.

After they both came hard in each other's mouths Louis turned around again so he could snuggle Harry and they fell asleep like that.

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