Prologue-The happy elf

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"I would like to be Santa." Louis said and smiled.

The manager of the shopping mall gave him an odd look.
"Eh, well, that position is already taken. I can offer you a job as one of the elves."

Louis wanted to snort loudly but he contained himself.
"I guess I can be an elf."

"Great! You'll start on the 1st and the job ends on the 30th." The manager informed him.

"Christmas is over then." Louis stated.

The manager just stared at him like he didn't understand what he was talking about. Louis tried again.
"Children come to meet Santa so they can tell him what they want for Christmas. What's the point...nevermind. That's great!"

"You have to work on Christmas Eve until 4 o'clock. You'll work every day, except you have a Saturday and a Sunday free. The salary is 8,70 pounds an hour. You'll get an extra 10 pounds for Christmas Day and Christmas Eve." The manager said.

That was a shitty pay but Louis really needed this job so he agreed. He shook the manager's hand and signed a contract. He read it through first. He would work 08.00-18.00 every day with an hour paid lunch. That was long workdays but that meant that he would make roughly 560 pounds a week and he needed the money.

"I'll see you on Monday then. 8 o'clock. Your costume will be ready for you. Please return it at the end of the month. Let me give you a quick tour." The manager said and stood up.

Louis sighed. This would be a fucking nightmare.

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