A and D (2)

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“See you on second period, Aaron,” said Ethan to me, as he took a thick book from his locker. “I got the moldiest luck to get Calculus for my first period. Hey, Luke, tell me what you have for your first period.”

Luke sneered at Ethan. “Reading and Study Time,” he said.

I sniggered. RST – or Reading and Study Time – was a really cool period. Mrs. Roberts let us do anything we want during that time, as long as we didn’t leave the classroom, which was fine by us since we can do a lot of things without leaving the classroom.

“What?” demanded Ethan in disbelief. He grabbed Luke’s schedule and stared at it for the longest time. “Awe, lucky dude,” he grumbled.

After that, he left for his class, scowling. Luke and I exchanged amused looks.

“I’ve got to bounce, too,” he said, patting me on the shoulder and looking pointedly from me to Annabelle.

When Luke was out of sight, I raised my eyebrow at Annabelle.

“What?” she asked, pouting. Then, she rolled her eyes. “Oh, all right. I guess I missed you so much that I couldn’t help myself.” She shrugged.

I snorted. “Yeah, right.”

“I did!” she said indignantly, widening her eyes. “Didn’t you miss me, too?”

“Of course I did,” I said automatically, frowning a little. I frowned because it felt weird saying it. I don’t know, but I think I didn’t miss her at all. It's harsh but it was true.

The summer I spent with the Dakota was like when we were kids: we were problem-free. We hadn’t been like that for so long. And it felt good. All we did was woke up early and rode our bikes to the nearby park. We’d, sometimes, watch as the sun rose from New York City. For the rest of the day, we watched the latest movies we illegally downloaded from the internet while we ate snacks we experimented on. Or when we were feeling like it, we rent old movies from the video store. And then for the rest of the night, we spent time talking about the movies we watched for the day by our windows – using the talkies, obviously. Awesome, huh? Now, that was life.

Annabelle wasn’t that type of person. She watched E! and read gossip on any magazine she can find. She only listened to Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers. I couldn’t even understand what was so cool about those dudes that almost all the girls drooled over them. If Annabelle was a guy, I’d bet everything I have that he was gay.

I came back to reality when Annabelle gave me a huge smile.

“It’s time for our French,” she said, kind of seductively.

“We’d better go, then,” I said, slightly touching her chin for a moment.

After saying the last word, I started walking.

Annabelle and I walked together to French class, holding hands. Only the people in the hallway stared. Most of the students were already inside their first periods. It was better that way. It wasn't that easy to greet everyone at the same time.

“Hiyah, Aaron!”

“Yo, Aaron!”

“What’s up, Ford?”

“How you guys doin’?”

I greeted them in turn. I couldn’t just ignore them. It wasn't in my nature to do so. Annabelle liked the attention, but I know she gets annoyed sometimes, too – even if she didn’t show it.

At any rate, we made it to our French class. We sat next to each other by the fourth row. Our teacher, Monsieur Delacroix, was late. That was why when he entered; he didn’t get the full attention of the class. After a few minutes, the class eventually settled down. That was when the boredom began.

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