panicked and hungover

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Louis pov

"Goodmorning sweetheart" i heard Someone say.
Shit I fell asleep yesterday. Who even is he I don't remember anything from last night. I should tell him that this was just a one night thing. But then again he looked so sweet and vulnerable, his gorgeous eyes and messy brown hair. Maybe I'll stay a little while longer I'll need to take a painkiller and see if i can figure out his name. Stupid stupid me. While I was so caught up in my thoughts, I didn't notice he went downstairs already.

I quickly followed him forgetting I wasn't wearing anything. His eyes almost popped out. Being so hungover and still not realising my state I asked him for a painkiller. He gave me one while asking if I remembered last night since I had no clue and figured it would be better to be honest with him I told him: I didn't and that I had no idea what his name was either. He reassured me it was fine, that his name was Niall he proceeded to ask me to put on some clothes as I was dying inside of embarrassment he told me we didn't do anything wich felt more like a relief then I expected. Apparently I was so wasted and I was flirting with Harry. Wait Harry as in Harry Styles right? "Yes" he said and oh god here comes the panic: 'was he mad, did I make a fool out of myself? Ugh who am I kidding of course i made a fool out of myself. I flirted with the straightest guy on campus who got in bed with a different girl every night. oh no I'm definitely getting beat up at school, it's like I can already feel the hits in my stomach and hear the guys yelling at me to get up. Is it hot in here and where did al the oxygen go?' Somewhere in the distance I hear a familiar voice yelling my name but it's so quiet and far away, and I'm just so exhausted and I don't notice how obvious my panic is. as I try to calm down it feels like my thoughts start racing faster, as if they realise help is on the way. And need to give me every single thing that could go wrong. before I leave my head and stare of into nothing, just like every time before. Not being able to remember if I had thoughts during this episode or if I just don't process what's going on causing me to not remember anything afterwards.

After a while I snap back, I'm on the couch and I feel his eyes staring at me like I'm some sort of alien. Maybe I am, in the end this is not normal I'm not normal... I hear him starting to talk to me very quiet as if he's afraid if he raises his voice I'll leave my body again or I'll just leave completely. "Are you okay?"he asks it takes me two seconds to decide that it's easier to say that I'm fine now, and that I was just panicking a bit because I flirted with THE HARRY STYLES. He proceeds to say " that he and he and Harry are friends and Harry is a lot cooler about this stuff then I'd think that he only puts this persona on around the other guys." Why is the first question that comes to mind but I bit my tongue as I remember that he and Harry are friends and I shouldn't show just how invested I am in him. Niall seems to notice it though, but decides it's better to suggest that I put on some clothes while he finishes breakfast.

I thank him and run up the stairs as fast as I can realising I just laid on a strangers' couch completely naked. 'Ugh why do I do stuff like this I should just lock myself and never go out again, however I wouldn't see Harry again if I did that and that would truly be a waste' I think to myself as I'm getting dressed. And it may very well be not a good idea to be so into a guy who will never be into me, whoever with the words of Niall I'm not entirely sure if Harry is fully straight. why else would he pretend to be homophobic, in the end he's the most popular guy in school and if he was gay he'd lose a lot of his so called friends.

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