Always an Interruption: 18

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         Before I was able to dive in for a kiss,

       "Knock, Knock! Honey open the door! I miss my Andy-Poo! Open the door, baby I need you!" So women screamed from the other side of the door.

Fuck no. Looking up at Andrew's face, his face made no change of emotion. There was a woman screaming his name outside of our bedroom and he was still thinking that we were going to make love, seriously? I pushed Andrew off of me so hard that he hit the floor, and to believe I almost gave in to him.

            "Kara, you don't understand.." Andrew's voice strained against his vocal cords, evidence of a hard impact. Nothing could change my mind about this,

          "Don't, just answer the door." I said gathering myself and sliding off the bed to adjust my clothes. Am I ever going to be able to meet my wolf? Andrew's muscles flexed as he brought himself to his feet. Delicious... no! Kara some bimbo is screaming for him, don't look at him... but I was and I was enjoying every bit of what will be mine.

         Swinging the door open a blonde toothpick jumped onto Andrew's torso, wrapping her legs around my man.


          "Andy! Baby! I missed you!" The blonde's hair was wiping back and forth as she giggled and kissed his cheek. My man's cheek. My mate's cheek. Clearing my throat to stop the awkward scene infront of me, Andrew immediately pulled the girl's legs off of him and put his head down, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

             "Who do we have here? Still sneaking around with the help?" The twig spit out. 'The help? Bitch you'll need help after I'm finished with you!' My inner self roared. The woman began to smirk as if she had won some prize, dumbass.

             "Actually, I'm the mate, who are you? The one cent hooker he hired to keep himself busy until his actual satisfaction arrived?" My voice was strong and I was proud of it, I can't believe she just called me the help? Was Andrew really that big of a man slut that he had to sleep with paid employees? Her face dropped as his laugh boomed throughout the room, catching his breath he breathed,

          "Kara, baby, this is Jenna, my very dear friend." He smiled. Turning to "Jenna" he triumphantly patted her shoulder,

             "Told you she had spark, Jen!" Her eyes met his and smiled as she approached me,

              "You can keep her Andy, she a good one; extremely protective too! Look at her eyes!" Jenna screamed wrapping her arms around me, "Welcome to the family gorgeous!" Well this isn't weird at all.

      Jenna's hug lasted for a couple of minutes more until she finally let go. Finally a fresh breath. She smiled at Andrew,

           "Now, go back to having fun, I want to be an aunt soon," She exited but winked just before. Andrew ran, locked the door and was back to me in no time.

            "Now where were we?" He smiled wickedly and lifted me onto the bed, throwing my dress to the floor.


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