Perfect Dress: 2

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After pulling the dress over my head with no struggle, I admired my structure in the body length mirror. She was gorgeous. She stood taller than me. She was eye-gawkingly beautiful with her high shoulders and perfect curves, her teeth were even whiter than mine, how can she be me?

The dressing room door flew open with the decor of a very fuming, very rage-filled women on the other side of it, my mother. Her huffing and puffing turned into tears. What the heck,Why is she crying? I thought to myself as she ran in the room gaping at me.

"My baby, you're so beautiful! I can't believe how perfectly skinny you look!" Her voice almost sounded shocked, but I wasn't upset, the truth is I'm shocked too. This dress some how made me feel so confident, so flawless, that even the biggest mistake couldn't and wouldn't be a mistakeat all, on me.

My mom was hugging me tight by this time, jumping up and down. So much for alone time. Might as well embrace it, it doesn't happen often. I return the hug with a smile.

"Well what are you doing?" She asked, "take it off we have to buy it and find accessories!" She clapped her hands and ran out my dressing room. I couldn't change just yet, I needed to take a little bit more time adoring this girl.

After purchasing the dress, mom and I headed to the shoe store to pick out the perfect shoes to go with my perfect dress and we did. The gold pumps complimented the deep purple. I was able to find gold hoops to match with a few diamond and gold bracelets to match, they were simple and made the dress even more beautiful, though I don't know how that's possible!

Leaving from the mall, mom and I decided to stop for some food before we headed home. We grabbed a few salads and a couple milkshakes, weird combo I know but that's our family, and heafed back home to show my dad. He's gunna be stoked; purple is one of my father's favorite colors.

Pulling up at our house my father was already on the porch, wolf super hearing thing, I guess, I don't get that until I meet my 'mate'. There are three good things about finding a mate: one-you get your wolf, two- someone was created just for you, and three- usually they love you unconditionally. The down falls: one-your mate can reject you, two- if you are rejected you get no wolf and no love, harsh but that's the rules.

When you meet your mate and your eyes lock for the first time. The female retrieves her wolf and everything that comes with it, super fast speed, great hearing, amazing skin complexion, and they are able to speak to each other through a link in there minds called a 'mindlink'. A mind link is like hearing each other's thoughts, it's quite neat and super private, usually. The only bad thing with mating is, if the mate of the female rejects her, she loses it all, her wolf, her complexion, her speed, her hearing, and even the link. The female also loses her mate and her chance at having children. Female werewolves can only have a family with their mate. If they are rejected, the girl wolves cannot bread with anyone else including vampires and humans. The males, on the other hand, are able to impregnate any human or other being with their pup to continue the bloodline. Unfair? Of course, But this is how our lives are as weres. Though rejection is rare, it still happens... please God don't let that happen to me tomorrow.

My father's face light up when I walked down in my dress, I was just showing it off to him. He loved it, as I suspected.

"My beautiful baby, you look gorgeous!" His smile was wide as he kissed my nose.

"Thank you Daddy! I'm glad you like it," his approval definitely meant more to me than my mother's only because I'm a daddy's girl and my mom is sometimes a tight ass. I spun a couple of times to show him how perfectly flowy it was. The dress is totally me. The shape and color screams 'Kara!' I'm so completely satisfied and I'm not gunna lie, I'm looking forward to the ball.

"Kara, sweety, go take off the dress so it doesn't wrinkle," my mother's worried voice carried as I sped up the stairs to my giant room.

Undressing and plopping myself on the bed it hit me, this is my last night here, in my home, in my room, in my heaven. What am I going to without my four perfectly square, different shades of purple, walls surrounding me?! In a panick the worst thing that could happen to me is finding that his walls were white. What if his room is WHITE! Oh God no, not white! I'll commit myself into the crazy hospital that day. I can not stand white walls, too eerie.

'Breathe Kara, he might not even be there,' I smoothed myself. Remembering the day I had just had.

Remembering the perfect dress while drifting off to sleep.

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