The dress

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Katlyn's POV

It was almost 6pm and Jade and I had been watching movies since 3. As the movie was going through the credits she looked over to me and said 'what time is it?'

I looked back at her and lifted my arm to show her my watch. 'Shit it's almost 6. I need to get ready!' Not even a second later she had gotten off the couch and quickly ran towards the bedroom.

Half an hour later I heard her calling out 'Come in here! I need your help!'

I got up and walked to her bedroom door. I pushed the door open to see her with a towel wrapped around her.

'Hey daddy' she smiled 'Which dress? Red or blue?' I looked closely at both the dresses then tilted my head in the direction of the red dress.

'Thank you!' As she said that she dropped the towel in front of me revealing her bare body. In surprise I raise my brows before looking her up and down then looking up to the roof.

'Oh come on, you can look at me!' She said with a slight laugh. Still not looking back she said 'you know you love the view'

I smiled which I knew she couldn't see from the mask before turning around to walk out back to the living room.

I fell onto the couch just thinking about her perfect body. I knew this teasing was going to last a lot longer then I would have hoped but hey she's stunning all over so it doesn't bother me much. 

Within the next few minutes she had come out to me wearing the tight dress that went down to her knees but had a slit to stop the tightness of the dress.

'Which ones?'  She said holding up two pairs of nice red shoes.

The ones in her left hand were not very high but had laces going up past her ankles where as the ones in her right were shiny red with a much higher heel.

I look at them both before tilting my head to the Lacey shoes on the left. 'Thanks daddy' she said before sitting down beside me to put them on.

'Now the party starts in an hour can you please take me'. I nodded my head. Right after she had gotten up I heard my phone ringing beside me.

'Katlyn I need you to meet me back at my office now'. Boss said in a stern voice.

I looked up to see Jade staring at me 'I'll wait here. I promise I won't leave, I have to do my hair anyway'. I did a quick nod before walking out to the car.

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