Part 1

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Maggie was a nervous wreck.

She chewed anxiously on her lip, fingers twisting with the loose string hanging from her chunky, knit cardigan, while she held her phone between her ear and shoulder. She was leaned up against the bathroom of the cafe, waiting for her friend to pick up.

A few torturous rings later, Natasha's voice came through the phone. "Hey. How's it going so far?"

"Nat, I'm sorry, but can't do this. The guy has been talking about fishing for the last half an hour. Where did you even meet him?" She forcefully whispered into the receiver.

She laughed on the other line. "He's a friend of a friend. If you're not into it, just tell him, Mags."

Letting out a stressed groan, she cringed at the thought of having to reject the guy to his face. Natasha had been trying to set her up on dates their whole adult life, but especially now that she was dating Steve. Although, she claimed it was just sex at first, the causal sleepovers had slowly carried over into mornings spent together, and then whole weekends at his house. They were almost a year deep in their relationship now.

Something about the fluffy honeymoon phase she was in, made Natasha want her best friend to be in the same boat as her. The two of them had been joined at the hip since elementary school. Thing was, they were incredibly different. Natasha had been gorgeous since she was young, always showered with male attention. She was smooth and knew how to flirt better than most.

Then there was Maggie. She spent most of her childhood with her head stuffed in a bulky novel or bent over her sketchbook. In middle school when the girls started getting curvier and taller, she stayed small and basically had the body of a little boy. Her reserved personality only perpetuated her major lack of romantic attention.

It wasn't until college that she started to grow into her beauty, leaving her practically oblivious to it. She stayed much shorter than average, but the contours of her body formed nicely. She had curly dark hair that fell down to her waist, her nose and cheeks were kissed with a splatter of freckles. Her beauty was subdued, but anyone that wandered to spare her a look was taken aback by it.

When she first started to grow out of her eighteen year 'awkward phase', she met her college boyfriend Elliot. Freshman year at Pratt, they bumped shoulders just outside of her sculpting class, making her topple over and crush her project. After helping her back up to her feet, he offered to help fix it, and the rest was history.

The relationship lasted a few years, but ended up being pretty toxic. Elliot was a raging alcoholic by the end of sophomore year, leaving Maggie abused and heartbroken.

Let's just say— the girl avoided most men for the next few years, leaving her where she is now. Hiding in the bathroom of a cafe. Having an anxiety attack about her blind date gone wrong.

"Will you please just call me back in like, five minutes? Say there's an emergency or something? I need an out."

Natasha sighed. "Fine... Pussy."

"Don't be mean."

"Whatever. Go back and talk to Kane for a bit, I'll come up with a good excuse, and then call you back in five." Natasha hung up before Maggie could answer.

Walking out of the bathroom, she tottered over to find her seat across from Kane. The cafe was one of her favorite spots in the city. She was excited for the date when he suggested it, but her hopes quickly flew out the window the second he opened his mouth.

"Sorry about that. Where were we?"

"I think I was telling you about my favorite fishing spots up north."

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