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Madison began to do her makeup after a long day at the studio. She was anxious about her date with the pretty blonde but she was actually pretty excited. She was even thinking about kissing her.

Her phone dang as she was midway through her contouring. it was corinna.

corinna: hey beautiful. Can't wait for our date! 💓

Madison smiled silently reading the words in Corinna's voice.

Madison: I can't wait too. See you then :)

As Madison sent the text message there was a knock on her door. As she went to open it her dogs quickly ran up behind her and started wagging their tail excitedly. They only reacted that when way when that one person would come over.

She opened it and it was her ex boyfriend Jack. "Hey Madison."

she rolled her eyes. "What do you want jack?" she grunted as she walked away going back to her room.

"I just came to see the dogs.And to give you this" he handed over a piece of paper.As Madison reluctantly took it her eyes froze on "CONTRACT TERMINATION."

"They're ending my contract?," Madison said in misbelief.

"Yup," jack chuckled as he helped himself to a coke in her fridge.

"You had something to do with this didn't you?" She began to yell as she threw the piece of paper to his chest.

"It's not what I did Madison Elle,it's what you did," he grinned as he walked away and opened the door.

"You're bluffing. You didn't show them that video.You couldn't have-" as Madison turned the door was halfway open,with jack seemingly gone.

Madison's phone vibrated in her back pocket. She looked over and it was another text from corinna.

corinna: do you think if I put us under david's name we'll get in for free?

Seen at 6:43 pm

corinna: lol okay never mind

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