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corinna: hi sexy

madison: do I know you?

corinna: im your next new girlfriend

Madison: ha yeah keep dreaming

corinna: send nudes

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corinna: damn so no? :(

Madison: nope

corinna: c'moonnnn

Madison: I just met you a minute ago why would I send you nudes?

corinna: bc I'm charming duh

Madison: goodbye lol

corinna: NO COME BACK

corinna: okay lets get to know each other

Madison: NOW u want to start the conservation this way

corinna: im a woman who works at her own pace Madison

corinna: anyways what are you a model?

Madison: no I'm a singer

corinna:damn that's so cool

Madison: are you a model?

corinna: what on earth will ever make you think I'm a model 😭

Madison: well I just looked through your profile

Madison: you're not bad looking

corinna: oh u think I'm hot 😏

Madison: ew nvm I take it back


Madison: sigh

corinna: and btw I'm a gamer haha

Madison: oh so you're a gamer girl?

corinna: yeah baby

corinna: I play video games but I'll never play with your heart 😤

Madison: oh god

corinna: thats what I'm gonna have you screaming 🥵

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Madison: 🙄

corinna: anyways Madison, where are you from

Madison: LA wby

corinna: hey me too!

Madison: wow small world

Madison: you live uptown or downtown?

corinna: downtown. You?

Madison: I live by sunset boulevard

corinna: a lot of my friends live by there I hang out with them all the time

Madison: now I know to move out soon 💞

corinna: feisty

corinna: I love it

Madison: if all your friends act like you im sure I wouldn't want to live by there lol

corinna: and I'm sure if all your friends looked like u I will never leave y'all alone

Madison: you seem like you don't give up corinna

corinna: I'm a gamer girl for a reason Madison I'm always winning 😛

Madison: ha yeah well I'm gonna get going to bed but it was good talking to you corinna

corinna: I enjoyed talking to you too Madison

corinna: one more thing

Madison: yeah?

corinna: send nudes

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corinna: I'll try again tomorrow

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