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3 days later

Madison: hey are you okay?

corinna: yeah I'm fine. Why'd you ask?

Madison: you haven't seem yourself lately

corinna: what do you mean?

Madison: well you haven't asked me for nudes, which is relieving but a little rare

Madison: and you just seem down

corinna: just stuff with my family popped up. Its kind of got me in my feelings lol

Madison: sorry to hear that :( I'm here if you ever need to talk!

corinna: thanks Madison :)

Madison: hey well... I'm getting ready to go out soon. Do you wanna FaceTime while I do my makeup and then you can vent to me for a little bit?

corinna: sure :) my number is 551-878-0899

saved to contacts list


Madison sat in her chair. She was actually a little nervous. This was her first time actually seeing the pretty blonde girl she's been texting for almost a month now. She fixed her hair and adjusted her lighting in her room so it wouldn't capture any bad angles.

Corinna fixed herself on her bed.She quickly threw some foundation and mascara on. She wasn't expecting to be talking to literally one of the most beautiful girls on the planet, at least in her eyes.

Within five minutes,she received an incoming call from no other than,Madison.

"Hey," Madison giggled nervously on the phone.

"H-hi." Corinna answered back.

"Wow,you're not as bad looking as I thought," Madison joked to corinna.

Corinna laughed in relief,knowing Madison was just trying to break the ice. "And your feistiness seems to be a dominant personality trait of yours."

The girls giggled"Your voice is so cute," corinna blurted.

Madison smiled. "That's nice of you to say. I like yours too." She leaned into the camera & looked closer at Corinna's features. "You have a nice face structure."

"Thanks?" Corinna laughed at the weird compliment.

"I know that's weird but your face is sculpted so nicely. You just have pretty featu-never mind I sound stupid," she laughed off.Madison was actually a lot more nervous than she thought.I'm so stupid, she thought to herself.

Corinna didn't think it was weird at all. She found it really adorable.

The two were so lost in conversation they ended up talking for two whole hours. Madison realized she was gonna be late for dinner considering her hair and makeup wasn't even done yet.

"Wow,has it really been two whole hours?" Corinna asked.

"Yup it has. And I'm going to be extremely late for my dinner reservations with my manager," Madison chuckled.

"Sorry for blabbing off. You should've just gotten ready!" Corinna laughed.

"No,I'm glad I talked to you. You're actually pretty fun to talk to. You know,when you're not asking for nudes and all," Madison said as she got up to take out her outfit.

As Madison sat back down,she saw Corinna's eyes closing a little bit."Are you sleepy?"

"N-no not at all." Corinna's body jumped a little opening her eyes.

"It's cool,you can go to sleep if you want.I really should start getting ready," Madison smiled.

"No seriously I'm fine-"

"Corinna Kopf! Get your cute ass to sleep right now!," Madison scolded but in a cute sweet tone.

"Ooooo you just called me cute," corinna sang through the phone.

"Hm I guess I did.Dont take it out of context now." Madison laughed.

"Goodnight Madison." Corinna sweetly said.

"Goodnight corinna." Madison said back.

The two hung up on each other,still smiling.

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