Chapter 5

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"Thomas! Braeden's missing!" I said. After getting back from her house, I had gone straight to Tom's apartment where he was still struggling to heal fast enough.

"I am aware of that! But who would have taken her?" He replied, I could still sense the pain radiating from him. Something had happened that he obviously didn't want to talk about, not that there was much time for conversation.

"Thomas, what happened to you?" I said, softly.

"I told you. It was Omegas." Tom said, looking down, obviously reluctant to tell me.

"A pack of them? That's impossible! Omegas are lone wolves!" This didn't make sense at all to me. The Alpha was the leader of the pack, Betas are pack members who need an Alpha, and Omegas are lone wolves. They are not part of a pack and they don't have an Alpha. They're also usually pretty weak. Thomas was an Alpha, how could Omegas have left him so wounded?

"Yes. A pack of Omegas. I thought it was impossible too. But, again, it's my problem. I'll deal with it. Let's just find Braeden for now." Thomas said. He still sounded reluctant to tell me a lot.

"So... where can we start looking?" I asked, hoping maybe Tom had some idea of where to start.

"Well, she sounded stressed or hurt, so I definitely think that someone or something has taken her."

"Maybe it has something to do with the letters 'A', 'B', and 'O' scratched into the paint on her computer. Someone knows about us and probably knows that she's a banshee too." I said, hoping it wasn't true.

"A hunter? Or another supernatural creature?" He asked.

"Exactly..." I replied.

After another hour of thinking, we still had no idea who or what could have taken Braeden and why. Thomas had not used any of our time to tell me what happened to him. I left Thomas's place at around 1am, literally dragging my feet behind me in exhaustion. When I arrived home, I was surprised to see that my laptop was open. As I walked over to it, cautiously, a message from Braeden popped up; "We have crossbows, knives, guns, and tasers. And she can't heal like you." The last sentence hit me like a punch in the stomach. They knew about me, how could they know about me? And how could they know about Braeden? It was obvious now that whoever took her was human, and most likely, a hunter.

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