Chapter 7

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We arrived at the party and were greeted by-

“Braeden! Where have you been?!” I said, pulling her into a hug at her front door.

“We can chat about it later Ali, enjoy the party!” She smiled. I could tell something was up though, it was the fake smile I knew too well.

“Okay.” I said, walking through the front door to find a house completely full of people already. Braeden’s birthday was the biggest party of the year. Alex and I found a place in front of the DJ to dance and then the night went on without a hitch. 

Finally, as we were leaving, I pried my hands away from Alex’s and found Braeden.

“Braeden! Come chat with me…” I said, grabbing her hand and dragging her away from her other friends. I took her into another room and sat down on a nearby chair. “What happened Braeden?! Where were you?” I almost yelled.

“I didn’t see who they were. When I got home from school I was just doing normal homework after dinner when these three people barged in through my window. They took me. I couldn’t see their faces but it looked like there was a girl and two boys. One of the boys was the leader, as far as I could see but the other boy looked like he had no idea what was going on. It was really confusing after that. They kept asking me questions about the summer. I promise I didn’t tell them anything! But, they were asking about the True Alpha, Ali. They also kept mentioning an Omega pack. But that can’t be possible…” Braeden blurted so much information out in so little time that it took me a few seconds to process it all.

“Okay. Braeden, I have to tell Thomas about all of this. He was attacked by an Omega pack yesterday so he knows that it is possible. Thomas also did some digging and found that there is another hunting family. They are called the Argentos not the Argents. They are the Italian part of the Argent family. We have a suspicion that part of the Argento family has moved to Wilde Hills with the Argents. We also think they could have been the ones that took you.” I said.

“Maybe, but we have an arrangement with the Argents remember?” Braeden replied, she sounded happy to now have a suspect for her kidnapping.

“We have an arrangement with the Argents, not the Argentos. For all we know, they could have no idea of the arrangement.” I said. This thought had definitely crossed my mind. We needed to speak with the Argents immediately. I then told Braeden about the Omega pack and what happened to Thomas. Braeden’s house was antique styled with furniture reminding me of France. Every detail was delicate and placed, with colours and styles carefully chosen to suit the house. I kept gazing up at the antique mirrors hanging from the beige coloured walls, wondering what the full moon would be like tomorrow. I heard a knock on the door, followed by a quiet creak of the door opening.

“Aliyah? Braeden? Ali, it’s getting late. We need to go.” Alex said.

“Sure.” I replied. I stood up and said goodbye to Braeden, and then took Alex’s hand. We walked outside to his car, and left.

While driving home, Alex questioned my honesty yet again.

“I know that it could have just been some simple girl chat, but I still have reasons to think that you’re hiding something from me. If Braeden knows, why can’t I?” He asked, like a 5-year-old not being told a secret.

“It was just girl chat Alex, don’t worry!” I said, again, restraining myself from telling him everything. Since the summer, I had been finding it extremely hard to not tell him.

“Okay. I’ll trust you. Now, what do you want to do tomorrow night?” Alex asked, turning to smile at me briefly while stopped at a traffic light.

“Why don’t we see a movie? I think there are some good ones showing.” I said.

“There’s a new one called ‘BE-WERE’ showing, I think it’s about supernatural creatures… werewolves… ahhhhhh!” He said, as a joke, but still, I felt my whole body stiffened.

“Maybe not. I’m not all that keen on supernatural creatures and stuff anymore…” I used to be totally into it. I loved vampires, werewolves, ghosts and spirits etc. but not since I became one.

“Sure,” Alex replied while he turned into the driveway of my house. “We can see something else. I’ll pick you up at 7pm… is that okay?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. See you then.” I said, giving him a quick kiss before getting out of the car. I rushed inside to find-

“Mum!” The first thing I smelt was the blood. Lots of it. I skidded across the floor so I was kneeling next to her. Her brunette hair was spread across the ground underneath her head where she lay flat on the ground. Her breathing was quick and shallow. Her hands were on her stomach, covered in blood. Her eyes weren’t staying focused. “Mum! What happened?!” I screamed, tears pouring down my face. I slowly looked down to see her stomach slashed open by what looked to be werewolf or werecoyote claws. My fingers fumbled as I tried to get my phone out of my pocket. I called an ambulance straight away. I reached for her hand and gripped it tightly. I started to take her pain. I heard her heart beat get slightly stronger. She started to raise her head and stare at me. My eyes were glowing and you could see the blackness of her pain spreading from her veins into mine. Fearful tears started to drip down my mother’s face. She had just seen her daughter as a monster.

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