Chapter 6

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“Thomas?” I said, opening the door.

“Aliyah! I found something!” He shouted.

“What? I found something too.” I replied.

“Me first… I did some digging. I found that there is a history of a second hunting family around this area. Not only are there the Argents, but there are the Argentos. They’re the Italian part of the family that migrated to Italy in the late 1800s and changed their name to be the Italian translation of silver rather than the French. Obviously, we know the Argents a lot more as a part of the family live here in Wilde Hills, but apparently the Argentos are still werewolf, and in your case, werecoyote hunters. I believe that they could have easily taken Braeden, but I’m still not sure of the reason behind it. Your turn…” He blurted out. The Argents lived here but didn’t cause much trouble. We had an arrangement with them that as long as we didn’t harm them or their daughter, my best friend Hayley who was still unaware of the existence of the supernatural, they wouldn’t harm us.

“Ok… So when I got home at 1am yesterday, I had received a message from ‘Braeden’ on my laptop. It said ‘We have crossbows, knives, guns, and tasers. And she can’t heal like you.’  To be honest Thomas, I’m started to get really scared. It’s the full moon tomorrow night as-well.” Then, my brain clicked. “It’s her birthday party tonight! We will all be at her house to celebrate and she won’t be there! Maybe there is a reason whoever took her, took her now, the day before her big party…” I said.

“Maybe… But I still have a strong suspicion it was the Argento hunters. Now, we need to figure out a way to contact them and get Braeden back. Wait… do her parents know she’s missing?” He asked. It hadn’t even occurred to me that they would be looking for her too.

“They must know by now… Maybe they’ve even called the police already.” I said. We didn’t need the police to get involved, especially because the sheriff was Braeden’s father. 

“If the police know, then we need to find Braeden faster than ever.” Thomas said. He was right, we needed to find Braeden ASAP. 

After leaving Thomas’s apartment a few minutes later, I went straight home to get ready for Braeden’s party. Part of me had a feeling she would be there, somehow. I decided to wear a pink skirt, black lacy top, and black high heels. I loved dressing up, but tonight, this was definitely not what I wanted to be wearing. I would have rather wore combat boots and an outfit I could run and fight in. Going to Braeden’s party seemed like such a terrible idea in a time like this but it was our only hope of finding her. I sat on the edge of my bed, thinking about how I could have believed anything after the past summer could get any better. Then, I heard Alex’s car pull up into my driveway. It was 8:29pm. He was exactly on time.

“Hey… How are you?” I said, walking to his car while holding his hand. Again, I had to restrain myself not to tell him what was really going on, that Braeden was most likely not going to be at her own party.

“I’m okay. What was wrong with you last night Ali?” He asked. I could already see the confusion and hurt in his eyes.

“It was really nothing. Just… something I needed to take care of. It’s over now.” I said, quickly, trying to hide my guilty face. He stopped, leaning against the door of his car, still holding my hand.

“I feel like you’re hiding something from me, you can trust me Ali.” He said, pulling me closer. I looked into his dark brown eyes, putting my hands around his face.

“Alex, I told you. It was nothing. I know I can trust you.” I whispered. I moved closer to him as he put his hands around my waist. I leant closer and closer until our lips touched and I felt my problems fade into nothing. After what felt like hours, we separated. I smiled and he smiled back.

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