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A/N: please keep in mind that I have this book on both Quotev and Wattpad. I have to juggle between requests. I'll eventually get to all of them (as long as they're acceptable). That being said, please, PLEASE, don't badger me about them. It doesn't motivate me and it kind of makes me want to not write. Anyways, this was requested, so I hope you enjoy it!


His days had always been long, whether Giyu liked to admit it or not. It wasn't due to guilt or the fact that he got minimal sleep the night before. They just seemed longer. He had to guess that his subconscious just didn't like being away from her. By 'her', he meant his significant other, (Y/n), or better known as to the other Pillars as his darling wife. They weren't aware of how he had married (Y/n), and he was hoping to keep it that way. Especially since (Y/n) herself often threw fits now and again. Nothing was perfect yet, but Giyu found himself being content with his life and was only able to do so because she was in it.

Shinobu often called him a romantic, and he guessed by all accounts that she could be considered right, but he was only like that when it came to (Y/n) and he knew it. She changed something in him, and not in an entirely good and healthy way, either. For the longest time, he had been obsessed with her, wanting nothing except for Tanjiro to succeed and for her to love him. It had been something so small, something he could easily control. Small things tend to grow bigger with time, and suddenly he was utterly infatuated. Things had gotten so very complicated, but it had happened so quickly that Giyu hadn't noticed until it was too late.

If he didn't do what he did, he would've gone insane.

She had cried and screamed at him, something he understood. He would have cried, too. He would have hated him, too, if he was in her situation at the time. However, things had gotten so much better since then. Being less combative, (Y/n) didn't tend to fight him anymore. He had wondered if that was her way of giving in to him, either way, he was glad that she wasn't crying anymore.

He didn't like seeing her cry, and part of her knew that he supposed. It was cute to him, the fact that she did certain things that she knew would make him happy or put him in a better mood. She could have been doing it because she loved him, or...

She was doing it because she saw how truly pitiful he was.

Demon Slayer is such a good manga because its characters are so relatable. 90% of them have depression and I live by that

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