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Dabi's little sister was so cute, she realized. The aloof behavior, the sharp gaze, everything about Todoroki (Y/n) was utterly perfect. Now, Toga was sure that the older brother, Dabi, had caught onto her 'feelings', but that didn't bother the blonde at all. Toga still remembered the first time she saw (Y/n), it had been when Dabi went to visit the youngest Todoroki. He had panicked a bit, her usually clear and pretty face being covered in dark purple bruises. While Dabi, or as (Y/n) had called him, Touya checked over her, wondering how she got all of the nasty looking bruises, Toga felt her pale cheeks turn a bright pink color. The bruises were so pretty! She was even sure she could see a small hint of blood oozing out of one of her wounds that rested upon her perfect looking cheek. Toga found herself, after the first meeting, often fantasizing about the girl. Though not like she usually did with Deku or her other obsessions. It was something else entirely.

This was love, Toga was sure of it.

Now, (Y/n) herself didn't know much about Toga, just what Touya had told her about the psychotic blonde. While Shoto was living in the Yuuei dorms, (Y/n) was nearly the only one who stayed at home with their father. While very rough, Enji never really hurt (Y/n). The bruises that were always covering her beautiful face came from the recent beatings from some boys at school. She counted the boys as lucky. They'd never met any of her brothers. If they met Shoto or Touya she'd sure they'd be dead. In fact, there was no doubt in her mind.
Touya had, admittedly, told her a lot about the League of Villains and Toga. He visited when dad wasn't home, and while she found it a little depressing, (Y/n) understood.
He often told stories, like how they attacked the camp, and how Toga was a blood thirsty girl who (Y/n) ought to stay away from. She, being the good little sister she was, listened.

For the most part, anyway.

It had been a normal day, at least for the most part. (Y/n) had gotten up early, talked to Shoto over the phone for awhile, and got ready for school. She'd admit she felt like she was being watched while she was walking to school, but she didn't pay any attention to it. She had thought it was just her hair, or maybe her eyes? People often looked at her assets, she felt like a freak sometimes.
However, she went on, getting to school on time and going through classes like always. Being the only quirkless child of Enji, she went to a normal high school. She could've, of course, gone to Yuuei, but she had decided against it. She did need some space from her family sometimes.

The day had went surprisingly well, (Y/n) had eaten in the school garden without really being bothered. Having such a nice and unbothered day was rare, she should have guessed that things wouldn't stay that way.

As she was walking home, some of the boys who regularly bullied her pushed her into an abandoned alleyway, causing slight panic to rise within her. She had stayed after school for club activities, and she couldn't well reach for her phone to call for help with her wrists being pinned against a brick wall. It was a rather terrifying situation, but like a Todoroki usually would, (Y/n) kept her cool. She slowly asked the boys to let her go, but he promptly started to beat on her. It didn't last long though, because soon he was on the ground in a pool of dark blood. The sight was disgusting, and (Y/n) had to look away before she got even more sick.

Toga had seen what those disgusting boys were doing to her precious (Y/n), and she took offense to it. Who did they think they were? She was the only one who was allowed to even lay a finger on (Y/n), so they had to die. She'd started out by sneaking behind the two goons following behind the bastard who was hurting (Y/n). She wrapped her slim arms around the both of them, choking one while slitting the others throat quickly. Usually she liked to take her time with her victims, but now really wasn't the time. Toga then wiped off her pocketknife, stealthily sneaking behind the boy who had cornered (Y/n), her golden eyes glowering dangerously. She made a quick slash, her cheeks going pink as she watches him fall to the ground. She'd hit a vital spot, so he couldn't even scream before he was dead.
While (Y/n) looked shocked and disgusted, Toga flung her knife to the side and wrapped her arms around (Y/n), her sweater sleeves doused in dark blood.

"I saw those jerks messing with you!" Toga started, nuzzling her face into (Y/n)'s chest.
"I couldn't just let them hurt you, what kind of girlfriend would I be then?" She questioned, her golden eyes shining with utter blind affection.

(Y/n) just then realized what Touya meant by Toga being bat-shit crazy.

(Y/n) just then realized what Touya meant by Toga being bat-shit crazy

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