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If he didn't have any sense left on him, he would have begged her to love him. It wasn't too hard to push away his morals and ego, he just wanted her to pay attention to him, was that really too much to ask for? He guessed it must have been, her scared glance at him making his insides turn in disgust. She was supposed to love him, not fear him!

"How come... you don't understand that?" Shoto murmured, mostly to himself though she could hear him. The moment she heard his voice pierce the walls of her prison a shudder ran through (Y/n). One upon a time Todoroki was a close friend of hers, that was obviously before he'd kidnapped her and locked her away from the rest of the world. It was rather selfish of him, she though to herself while her eyes never once moved from their spot. She was watching Shoto to make sure he wouldn't try anything with her again.

"You must understand." Shoto suddenly says, his voice much louder than before.
The girl froze, watching as her old friend crunched next to her, his eyes blazing with a blood lust.
"I'm doing all of this because I love you... why can't you understand that?"

Shoto cups (Y/n)'s cheeks in his hands, a rare smile gracing his pale lips as he says something that utterly horrifies her.

"Once I kill him, you'll understand. Inasa is in the way, even still to the day. You won't be able to love me until he's gone, isn't that right?"

She wanted to deny what he was saying, to tell him that he was wrong, but she couldn't find the words. Her voice was failing her the moment she needed it most.

"After he's gone... we can be happy, I promise."

{This is the first chapter of my Yandere book! I hope you guys enjoyed and feel free to send in requests!}

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{This is the first chapter of my Yandere book! I hope you guys enjoyed and feel free to send in requests!}

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