[MHA] Bakugou Katsuki/Fem! Reader

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She was a little weirdo, but Katsuki had realized that she was his little weirdo. She had odd behaviors, like actually being a decent human being, and he thought it was weird. However, (Y/n) absolutely detested Bakugo Katsuki with every fiber of her entire being. She just so happened to be a childhood friend of Midoriya's, so her reasons for not liking the blonde were quite clear to both of them.

He didn't care.

She could hate him all she liked. Hell, she could hate him until the day that they both died, it really didn't matter much to Katsuki. Either way, she was going to deal with the fact that he was going to be her only option in the future. He'd make that clear to her soon enough.

"What do you want, Bakugo? What part of I hate you don't you get?" Set seeyed out through clenched teeth. He had been bothering her for weeks on end and she was really getting fed up with it. Why couldn't he just leave her and Izuku alone? She didn't understand the blonde prick at all.

Grimacing, Katsuki clicks his tongue, knowing that his little darling was probably plotting his death and cussing him out like a sailor in her mind. Such a sweet girl she was. Of course, she had no choice in whether he left her alone, but it was fun to watch her think that she did. He loved playing with her anger, it rivaled his own at times.

She was so mean, that was probably why Deku loved being around her so much, Katsuki realized. She wasn't mean to him, but she had that fiery attitude that had Katsuki pining after her. He loved it and hated it at the same time.

"Why can't you just be good?" Katsuki said before promptly locking her against the wall. She was ready to punch him square in the face, so he grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the wall as well. Always a spitfire, she spat in his face.

"It doesn't matter, I always get what I want anyways."


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