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Being bullied for having a villainous quirk was much different from being bullied for having no quirk, Shinso knew that all too well. However, his friendship with (Y/n) was still very real, still very strong. They had met each other when they were kids, of course. Shinso was quiet, and so was she, so for the longest time, they never spoke to each other. That was... until he saw her getting bullied by some other kids in their class. She was a nice girl, a rather weak girl, but a nice one nonetheless. He was aspiring to be a hero in the future, so how could he not have at least tried to save her from the villainous bullies of the third grade?

That was what initially started their relationship together.

Shinso had told her that he wanted to be a hero regardless of what his quirk was. He had expected her to tell him that his quirk was scary, but that phrase from her never came. (Y/n) told Shinso that he was amazing and if anything, he was her hero.

They had been tight together ever since third grade, going into high school wasn't going to change anything, at least, that was what Shinso had hoped. The Sports Festival had him reevaluating his whole life, and unlike her, (Y/n) couldn't bring herself to comfort Shinso after his awful loss. It wasn't that she was ignoring him, it was just that she had other things to deal with, more important things. Like the creep from 1-B that wouldn't leave her alone. She had no quirk and for some that made her look like an easy target. In all reality, she was an easy target, even she knew that. However, she depended on Shinso, he was her hero after all.

He just so happened to not be there one time when things went downhill.

It hurt him, it did.

She still trusted him, though. She made that clear throughout her conversations with Shinso, he just couldn't bring himself to believe her completely.

He just wanted to protect her, was that too much to ask for? He didn't think so. His world had crumbled when she told him that she was moving away. He was her hero, but she was moving away because of something he could have easily prevented if he hadn't of been in such a deep hole of his own emotions. He couldn't let her leave him.

He wouldn't let her leave.

"I'm your hero, remember?"

{Shinso's hair looks like the trees from The Lorax, and I live by that

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{Shinso's hair looks like the trees from The Lorax, and I live by that.

Also, I was sitting here thinking about how great of friends Shinso and Midoriya would have been if they grew up together. Like, that should have happened.}

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