Mr. CEO's Little Sweetheart

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Qiu Niannian cursed in her mind. Wasn't the slavery system already abolished?

The atmosphere in the alleyway was perplexing and the pair's merging silhouettes were open for others' interpretation. Oddly enough, right across from this dark alleyway was a warm, well-lit cafe.

Fengguang put down her cup, her lips curved. The conversation going on in the alleyway... was really too CEO romance novel heavy for her tastes.

That's right, she was sitting there, listening in on all the passion going on between those two. This wasn't a special ability she had but a cheat her system had given her. If she was going to survive in multiple universes and worlds, she had to at least have a little cheat.

[Mr. CEO's Little Sweetheart] is a title that summarizes this whole novel's story. A domineering CEO with a stupid yet sweet female lead is a classic pairing that never gets old. And the man and woman in that alleyway are precisely the male and female leads in this novel. As for why Fengguang is here, even she doesn't know the reason. She had taken a nap one day and when she woke up, a second-male lead syndrome system was suddenly in her head telling her she had to collect 100 points to exchange for a ticket back home.

This was already Fengguang's seventh world and she had collected 56 points. Each world had missions that gave varying amounts of points. The lowest being only 3-4 points while the highest rewards would range between 10-20. This CEO world had rewards of 10 points so she wouldn't give up.

Her current identity was the sole heiress of Xia Corporation and also Song Mo's fiancee.

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