Aiden, Klaus, Flashbacks, and Goffaric

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"You..I - I," Aiden took a deep breath. "How did his happen?"

Klaus smiled. "It was your spirit."

"My spirit.." Aiden thought. His eyes suddenly burned, turning white. There were flashbacks.


"Sorry mam, my presence brings demons with me, I cannot stay. But I thank your graciousness.."


"DO NOT LET ME BACK DOWN!" The young boy yelled at the old man.


"It's 1420 laddie, bring your pirates and hop on." Hook sneered. "And then we'l talk bu'sness."


"FATHER!" The little blonde boy screamed, blood oozed from his stomach at were he was stabbed, and he suddenly reversed back, his eyes turning their usual striking lighting blue.

He brought his head back as he came to his usual self.

Klaus rose an eyebrow, looking at the little boy in confusion. "What happened?"

Aiden blinked. Once. Twice. And turned to the hybrid.


Klaus narrowed his eyes. "You just spaced out."

"No, I - I, huh?" Aiden rubbed his eye, then attempted to speak again. "I saw ..a woman, then I saw me, a 14 year old me, I was shouting at some old gentlemen, at least I thought he was. Then I was talking to a pirate. The last one though, I saw my father. He was, he..he was there. I was dieing.."

"And your father watched you."

The two supernaturals turned to see the source of the voice. And they sure enough did.

"Goffaric. What are you doing here?"

"It's time. Your friend must leave, and find the thaumaturge."

Klaus looked at everything in bewilderment. The little boy has contacted the old Sorcerer, he thought.

"It's take it you remember me." Klaus told the wizard.

Goffaric sneered at the hybrid in unamusement. "You killed Vladimir, of course I remember you."

Aiden frowned. Who was Vladimir?

"He's your father's brother." Klaus informed him, but then halted as if he let out the most important information.

Aiden breathed out in raggedy. "You w - what?"

Klaus faced the ground. "I killed your uncle. It was for a greater reason though."

"What reason?"

"He was trying to find the thaumaturge as you and your family is."

That's when Aiden cracked.

"What is a thaumaturge!? Everyone speaks of it as if it is some kind of dazed animal caged into dessication!"

"Calm down young sorcerer, it will be over soon."

Aiden sighed. "Thank you Goffaric."

"It's my pleasure." He then turned to the hybrid. "Finish your task."

Klaus smiled a cruel smile. "Do not tell me what to do." And walked out, like a boss.

"Such sickening disrespect."

Aiden smiled. "Goodbye Goffaric."

"Goodbye and good luck."

Aiden crossed his bed and sat down on the chair. He neglected his thoughts and relaxed, waiting for Bonnie to come up and tell him his cue, he was going to find Silas and kill him.

For all eternity.



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Hey guys. So basically I thought I'd do snippets of what was happening until I was ready to do Klaus, Elijah, Abigail, Damon, Stefan and Noah. I want them all to connect.

By the way, if you were wondering, Elena is in the cellar, she is being spelled down there until they reckon she's safe.

She's important in the story, I wish she wasn't, for the blood connecting. The thaumaturge has to drink a cup of her blood, from the royal family of -------- 's cup of Hiyagto.

♡Bye. Next Chapter will be when Klaus and Elijah plus the others go get the thaumaturge from the cellar that the Old Ones are being kept, so they can speak to the guy with the magic powers, the one who has all the answers.

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