Chapter 5 : Iris

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Chapter 5 : Iris

As it came to departure time, I was getting more and more nervous. I hadn’t been a massive event like a plane crash or a fear of heights that brought on my fear of flying. I always felt that it was irrational and there were scarier things in the world. However the swoop in my stomach and the jolt I felt in my heart when it happened was enough to make me have a panic attack. There were only certain things that calm me down, and being trapped 35,000 feet in the air in a pressured tin can doesn’t give you many options.

“Are you okay?” I heard Dylan’s voice next to me and glanced up to meet his face which wore a look of genuine concern.

“I’m a little scared of flying.” I admitted to him nervously trying to get the words out through chattering teeth.

“There are worse fears,” he rested a hand on my shoulder, only taking the edge off my fears. The transit grinded to a hold and we walked in silence to the gate. The constant whispering surrounding Dylan as more people started to recognise him was like walking down the school corridor the time I fell off my bike and had a massive bruise on my face.


“Flight BA023 to Sydney is boarding. All passengers please proceed to the Boarding Gate and ready their boarding passes.”


I could help shivering with excitement despite my nerves. I had been waiting my entire life for my Gap Year. It took me about 18 months at my crappy job with the creepy boss to save up enough money for a flight to Australia. I just prayed I could hold it all together for the 24 hours in a plane.



Was it just me or was the plane getting hotter and smaller? My head was exploding I couldn’t stand up because the seatbelt signs weren’t  off. I glanced to Dylan who was sitting next to me, headphones on with his eyes closed and head tilted back towards the ceiling. I bundled myself up into a ball, quivering. The roaring of the engine filled my head and bounced around my ear as we hit the air thermals aka turbulence (That’s right, I did my research). The plane was suddenly jolted to the right which made me breathe very fast and tears rolled silently down my cheeks. I sat up right as the vision started to blacken at the edge and chills racked my body. I leaned forward and put my head in my hands shaking with silent sobs.

“Miss are you okay?” I glanced up at the air hostess who had sensed something was up and made her way to check if everything was okay. I only managed to shake my head before returning to deep breathing.

“Do you want me to get you something, are you travelling alone?” I was about to try and feebly explain that my best friend was sitting with the bassist from 5 Seconds of Summer, but Dylan, who had sensed something was up, said kindly

“She’s with me.” I glanced at him with a grateful if not slightly tearful smile.

“Come here,” he lifted the arm rest dividing us and I gladly found myself under his arm, his thumb tracing back and forth on my neck. I felt my body start to unclench and slowly wind down. The black crept to the edge of my vision but I allowed it to pull me away to sleep, hopefully through the worst of the flight.

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