Chapter 7

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The rest the classes went by fast and now it was 3. I went to my locker to put all my books away and grabbed my book bag. I decided to wait for Nash np by the front doors by the parking lot. Sure enough he came out and noticed me and smiled.

"Hey" He says giving me a small hug.
"Hey Nash" I say with a smile.
"You ready to go?"
"Yup" I say popping the p.
"Ok onward to the chariot and by chariot I mean my jeep" He says pointing and picks me up on his back and runs.

"Safety first" Nash says while putting on his seatbelt and I do so also. I turn the radio on and automatically start looking for the right radio station as if this was my own car.

"Hey wait I like that song!" Nash said.
"Too bad the passenger gets to decide what to listen to."
"Who said that??" Nash asks.
"Me" I say sticking my tongue at him.

A few minuets later we arrive at...
"Chipotle oh my fucking god I haven't had is in 5000 years!!" I scream.
"Haha alright let's go in."

We order our food and take a seat at a table.

~~~~~~~~~~after date. im not writing this because it would be boring😝~~~~~~~~~~

Nash slowly makes a stop in front of my house and walks out to open the car door for me.

"Thank you sir" I say giggling
"Your welcome m'lady"

We walk up the steps and I take my keys out.

"This was a fun date I loved hanging out with you" Nash said. Oh no he said 'date'. I didn't think this was that kind of thing, I have a boyfriend.
"I liked hanging out with you too but I didn't know this was a date." I say.
"Oh, well why wouldn't it be?"
"I-I have a boyfriend."
"Oh well it's ok have a good night" He said and walked away with a sad but irritated look on his face.

Great now he hates me ughh. I walked in and went straight to my room and plopped my self on my bed. I didn't even bother to check and see with my mom was here. I decided to call Troy.

*ring 1*
*ring 2*
*the person you are trying to reach has sent you to an automatic voicemail* said the phone.
"Ugh great" I say and decide to turn on the tv.

~~~~~20 minuets later~~~~~~

I get a call, please be Troy I say to my self. I check and see the caller id it was my friend from back in chicago she wasn't one of my best friends but we knew each other because our moms new each other when they were young.

"Hey Miranda" She says
"Hey Zoe what's up? I miss you." I say.
"I miss you too and I gotta tell you something."
"Sure what is it?"
"I don't really wanna say but I'll just text you it."
"Ok go ahead." I say and hang up.

Oh my god no that can't be right! No no this isn't real im dreaming! It's a picture of Troy and..he's at a party it looks like and there she is Mikayla sitting on his lap and he's giving her a.......
Sorry for leaving you with a cliff hanger but I didn't have time to finish but here it is enjoy!💘💘💘BYEEE

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