New Start

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Camdens POV:

On the eight hour flight to London from Maine, the kicking in the back of my seat and the fat lady drooling on my shoulder, was enough to make me want to pull my hair out, but I have to stay in control, I'm starting a new life and I dont want it to be in a mental institution with my mom for pulling my hair out in public. As the plane hits some turbulance and plane lights dim signaling most people on the plain should sleep, I put my head phones in and listen to the Ramones, baring through and thinking of what my new room mate is going to be like. Will he be like the guys who fuck girls every other night, and I have to sleep next door, or is he the guy who is a slob. Does he have good taste in music? will he try to hurt me? Stop Camden your getting yourself in a tiz you and your roomie will be fine.

As the fat ladys head lolled off my shoulder on to the passagers shoulder to the left, I began to think about what im leaving behind, It's not much but its enough to make me think. How's my mom doing? I have never met her, she is too unstable to see me, but I care, she is my blood and I wonder how she is. I think of my father, wondering if he would approve of me just picking up and leaving to start a new life. He would understand right? If he knew all the stuff the foster family did to me.

Im even wondering how they are, who found my note, did Susan scream out of pure anger? I almost giggled at the thought, thinking of susan screaming at that horrible family that im gone while she grabs a bottle of whiskey and pulls at her hair. Charles I will never miss, all the times he tried to hurt me. Thats why I took up boxing, to be able to defend myself but it turned into a hobby.

I guess somewhere through my intense thoughts and the sound of the fat lady snoring I fell asleep. I awoke to someone shaking my shoulders. Shit Charles is trying to hurt me again, I grabbed both his wrists and squeezed, but when I heard a girls voice say stop immediately did.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry, you startled me." Shit I guess I'm still in my defense mode.

"It's okay, I shouldn't have waken you like that, but ma'am there is no one on the plane, I'm going to have to ask you to get off," she finished off with a fake smile that all the flight attendants use.

"Thanks." I run off the plane to the terminals, I get my luggage off the luggage thingy and search for my room mate.

I was looking around when I finally found a guy with a sign that said "Camden" in sloppy handwriting. He was cute, medium height, with light brown feathery hair, light blue eyes, and scruff. I kept looking him over, his clothing style was just like mine, dark skinny jeans and a graphic tee. his arms had tattoos up and down as well, nice.

Okay it's now or never, I slowly walked up to him and put my hand out. "Hi, I'm Camden." He looked at my appearance like the way I did to him, and then swatted my hand away and pulled me into a bone crushing hug.

"Hi, I'm Louis Tomlinson!" He was so happy and bubbly, a strange contrast to his demeanor. I giggled at his introduction and smiled.

"Well let's get to the car! I want to see our flat Louis!"

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