Chapter 24

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**Summer POV**

It's the 28th and I'm driving down to pick up Bella. Nash hasn't been eating as much and doesn't come out of his room. He tweets all this depressed stuff too.

Matts coming today to.. But he called me when I was on my way and said he took a cab to the house.

When I got there I walked and saw bella she looked tired.

"BELLA!" I yelled running to her earning weird stares

He laughed and hugged me.

"I miss my Nashy Poo lets goo" she whined

"Nashy Poo?" I asked getting in the car.

We laughed and I drove home. I told her about how Matts there and she said she'll help me first before calling Nash down.

We walked in and I saw Matt he looked HORRIBLE. red eyes bags his hair was messy and it looked like he was talking to cameron about something.

"summer." Matt said and ran up and pick me up spinning me around.

"Hi Matt." I giggled

"Missed you" he said

"I missed you to" I lied...

Bella smiled and cameron nodded at me.

"NASH!" I yelled

"Shut up let me die in here!" He yelled back we all frowned. "He likes you that much" cameron said

"BYRANT IS HERE TO TALK TO U" I yelled he loves byrant he had to come down.

"Ughhhhh" I heard him and then I heard him running down the stairs.

Let me just tell you the cutest thing I saw.

Nash ran down and when he saw bella he smiled and started crying and breaking down. Bella ran up to him helped him up and hugged him she was crying to.

After there moment bella spoke up

"Why did u break down?" She asked Nash

"I never thought I would see you again and when I did it made me so happy I couldn't stand." He said

"AWESS" me Cameron and Matt yelled.

They laughed and went up to his room.

"Cuties" I said

"I know right" Cameron said

"Six flags?" Matt suggest

"YAS!" I said

"NASH BELLA" I yelled

They ran down

"We're going to six flags for Nash's birthday." Matt said Nash jumped up and down and bella laughed and joined him.

I went and got ready.


- white cozy sweater
- skinny jeans
- black Uggs
And I threw my hair up in a bun.

I ran downstairs an we all packed in the van me and Matt in the back and bella and Nash in the middle and Cameron driving.

I sat back and got ready for the long ride and fell asleep with one earphone in the other in matts ear.

"THIS IS MY JAM" I heard Matt tell which woke me up.

Against Me by hoodie Allen was playing we love this song.

I smiled and listen to the song after 2 more songs Matt lays his head on my lap an he falls asleep I smile and take a picture.

- yo sleep somewhere else. Is what I caption it even no I didn't mind

We took a pit stop and I woke up Matt and we walked in Wawa.

"SUMMER MATT!!! Girls yelled

"Wawa fans.?" I asked

Matt laughed and shook his head

We took picture then Nash kept texting me to hurry up. We left and got in the cars handing them there food.

I saw so tired 1 more hour still I laid my head on matts shoulder and he laid his head on my head and we fell asleep

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