Chris Donovan vs. Shane Lewis

Pix of a surprised Chris, wondering why Shane was in his office, on the side.

Video of the sexy Kyle. Don't you just love him...



When Chris got to his office that morning, Kyle was already there, waiting for him.

"Dude, what the fuck do you want here this early morning?" Chris asked with surprise.

"We need to talk. Sit." Kyle's voice was clipped.

Chris raised an eyebrow at his friend's tone but he dropped into the comfortable seat opposite the couch Kyle was sitting in. "Okay, what is it?"

"Shane Lewis." Kyle said simply, making Chris groan. "You have to be careful, Chris."

"What do you mean, be careful?" Chris asked with a frown.

Kyle pushed forward to sit at the edge of his seat and stared intently at Chris. "I know you feel guilty because of what you did to the guy years ago but please, don't let the guilt blind you and make you do something that you're not ready for."

"I'm not doing anything I'm not..."

"Listen to me Chris." Kyle cut Chris off. "I will be the first person to agree that what you did was wicked and shitty but hey...big deal. You were a kid for fuck's sake. You can't punish yourself for the rest of your life. From where I stand, you're trying very hard to be what you're not just to please Shane because you feel you owe him something."

Chris shook his head slowly. He'd actually been expecting this talk from Kyle since he asked Aaron for pointers on gay sex two weeks earlier. Chris wondered why it had taken Kyle so long. "That's where you're wrong, Kyle." He rasped. "I'm not trying at all. And that's what scares me."

"What...?" Kyle looked confused.

"Whatever I'm doing, I really want to do it." Chris said quietly. "I...I enjoy it."

"Have you..."

"None of your fucking business but, no. Not yet." Chris growled, knowing exactly what his friend had been about to ask. "Let's just say the little I've done felt so fucking good, I want to do it over and over again."

The two friends stared at each other. Whilst Chris' grey eyes showed clearly how confused he was, Kyle's was full of worry and resignation.

"How do you feel about him?" Kyle asked softly.

"What are you? A shrink?" Chris growled.


Chris gave a helpless shrug and covered his face with his hands. "I don't know, man." He groaned, and uncovered his face. "Yes, I feel a lot of guilt but there's also this feeling of...contentment, joy...and fulfillment whenever I think of him or I'm with him. Do you understand me, Kyle?" Chris asked but didn't wait for Kyle to respond. "I don't know how to describe the exact feeling but...the thought of not being with him, or never seeing him again hurts right here." Chris rubbed against his chest. "I just feel...incomplete without there's something missing." Chris whispered. "Does that even make sense?"

Kyle cleared his throat. "It makes perfect sense." He said, knowing exactly what his friend was experiencing. Aaron had been right after all. Chris was hopelessly in love with Shane. But he didn't want to spell it out to Chris. "Do you have any idea how he feels?"

Chris shook his head slowly. "I mean it's obvious he likes me but I don't know he feels. It's very difficult to read him, Kyle. I don't...I don't know how serious he is about this. I don't know whether he's merely having fun. Hell, I don't know whether he's setting me up only to pay me back. I just don't know." Chris groaned. "But I don't care. I just want to be with him...want to make him happy." He added in a whisper.

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