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He was his first best friend, his first crush, his first kiss, and his first love...

Chris Donovan has never known peace since that fateful night. He'd done something very bad. And he never dreamt he would ever come face to face with the person he'd wronged...the one person whose name made him shake with regret, pain, sadness and desire...the one person who could make his world stop, with a mere glance. 

Shane Lewis had everything that money could buy. He was a billionaire. Shane had the looks, power and money. His name put the fear of God into people. So what could render a hunk like Shane speechless, make him quiver in fear, and even make him wish for death?

Each man had to learn the hard way that once you give your heart away, you don't so easily get it back. And no matter how much they pretend, they could never forget the taste of their first kiss.

Theirs was an unbreakable bond!

This story contains hot graphic sexual scenes...lots of it, mind-blowing passion and total hotness. Don't say I didn't warn ya. Peace!

(Cover by the amazing SuperSonicPaGer)

  • betrayal
  • friends
  • gay
  • hea
  • lgbt
  • love
  • marriage
  • mxm
  • pain
  • passion
  • squad
  • wealthy
sirdeezy1 sirdeezy1 Aug 24
When u can just tell your male friend all about your first homosexual experience as if you telling him the time or the weather
Yep I am reading it again you are for certain one of my favorite writers your gift is astounding.  your stories is like going back to visit an old friend I've really missed. Keep it up.
When I can't find anything new to read, I come back to your stories--I enjoy the repeat readings as much as I did the first time around. Thank you for sharing your talent!
sirdeezy1 sirdeezy1 Aug 24
He putting on the pieces together! You better come on with it!!!! 💯💯
sirdeezy1 sirdeezy1 Aug 24
Who did it thou? Who was the aggressor because both was shook yet chris round here claiming nick
sirdeezy1 sirdeezy1 Aug 24
                              Its finna get good *munches 🍿*
                              Chiiiiiiiiiile *sips 🍵*