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It was a summer day in 1864, the year I turned 17 and now had to choose from the 3 "fine" suitors that my father had chosen for me. I say that they are fine, but I do not love any. I daren't tell father, he would not be happy, he has chosen 3 of the richest men in the town; a Salvatore boy, I think his name is Stefan, but that option has gone, he is engaged to Rosalyn, which I didn't mind, we have never spoken before, the first time we did seemed boring. Another suitor was Jonathan Whitmore, his father owns a trading business in the town, and may I say, he is royally stuck up. The last suitor is named Michael Forbes, the son of Sheriff Forbes, but Michael's heart is held by on of their servants, which is highly frowned upon, but I don't, love is love, no matter how high your caliber is.

"A ball so soon?" I asked father "why was I not told sooner?" I frowned

"Well Daughter, a new family is moving to town, the Mikaelson's, they are a rich family, it would be good to know them, there are 2 brothers and a sister, both brothers single, if I like them, I may arrange a marriage, as I doubt your suitors are very suitable for you" he stated.

"Father, I do not want to sound, out of place, but I feel more comfortable to choose my own husband, that I love and care for deeply" I exclaimed, fearing his response.

"Claudia, listen to me, you are a 17 year old girl, still just a child, you know nothing about love, you will learn to love whoever you marry, whoever is suitable" he started to raise his voice

"Father, I want the love you and mother had, the love which made you leave your family behind for her, the kind of love where you just dive completely in, unaware of the consequence. I am not a child father, you chose your bride, you chose because of love, not because of riches" I started to shout, with tears rolling down my cheeks. I got up and ran up the stairs "I'll see you at the ball, father" I muttered, leaving him shocked at how confident I was, I was not a child, I was a newly grown woman, I am Claudia Fell.

I looked at myself in the mirror, flinching every time my handmaiden pulled the corset tighter. "Alice, I do not wish to be rude, but does this corset have to be so tight?" I managed to squeeze out a few words. Alice pulled the strings tighter, I let out an annoyed grunt. "I'm so sorry miss Fell, this is how they have to be" she explained

"Damn you fashion" I giggled, looking at Alice. She was more of a friend than a hand maiden, I didn't like many people in the town, I have Alice and my best friend Evelyn. But I spend all of my time with Alice, she was beautiful, always had blonde hair tucked under a white bonnet, which hid her natural beauty.

"All finished" she announced, I looked at myself in the mirror, I wore a frosted grey dress with pale pink pinstripes. The dress was tight at the waist and ruffled underneath, giving a puffed affect. My hair, light brown, fell into loose ringlets, my hair was long, it fell down my shoulder and back. I took a deep breath in, it was hard to, due to the corset, but I felt pretty. "Wow, you look so elegant" Alice smiled, I turned around and smiled back, both of us giggling in unison. As we were laughing and being silly, I heard the sound if trumpets "oh no" I exclaimed "I'm supposed to be at the party right now" alice didn't say anything, she opened the door and motioned me to run out.

I reached the top of the stairs when someone called out "The Mikaelson's have arrived" oh no, I was late, I walked down the stairs until I was in full sight. I laid eyes on the three family members but only caught one. Who was this stranger? He looked so handsome. I slowly walked down the stairs, keeping my eye on him, if he was my suitor I would definitely say yes. We then locked gaze, feeling embarrassed at being so late, I smiled and looked away, walking to my father.

I stood next to him, all of the founders and their families were stood in a line, to greet the new family. Father wasn't impressed, a proper lady is never late.
One by one they greeted everyone, the boys bowed, and the lady curtsied. Niklaus introduced himself to me and my father, bowing and walking away, Rebekah curtsied and walked to join Niklaus, but there was someone different. Elijah bowed to my father, but when I curtsied, he took my hand and kissed it, I looked around, he never did that to the other daughters or mothers in the line.

The music started, and all of the men led their partners to the dance floor, all dancing wonderfully. Wasn't it beautiful. I sat alone and smiled to myself. Michael Forbes had disguised Mary (the servant) as a beautiful aristocrat from a neighbouring town, and they were elegantly waltzing around the room, too in love to talk. Jonathan was yelling at a waiter who spilled wine over his blouse, that made me giggle. Stefan was speaking to a lady that I haven't seen before, where was Rosalyn? But the person I was most concerned in finding would be the mysterious Elijah Mikaelson.

I scanned the room, searching for this handsome figure. Nothing, where could he have been? I sighed, and downed the rest of my wine. "You know, it is not ladylike to drink like that" a voice called from behind me, I could tell that the man was joking.

"Well it's not like a gentleman to judge a lady without even knowing who she is" I turned around smiling and was taken aback, it was Elijah, maybe I shouldn't have been so forward, to joke, he sounded proper, I was completely embarrassed.

"Well then, hello, my name is Elijah Mikaelson, I just moved in up town"

"My name is Claudia, Claudia Fell" I smiled

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