Part 2

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The house is quiet. There is no light emitting from the windows.
Abeonim must have been asleep already.
I breathe a sigh of relief. At least, I don't need to talk to him tonight.
I had meticulously checked my body in the event venue's restroom after the sexual encounter, scared that Taehyung had left any mark on me.
And to my horror, he did.
He left a small purplish hickey near my collarbone.
Although I never wear clothes that expose that part of the area, its sole existence scares the soul out of me.
I take off my high heels & slowly push open the door.
The heavy wooden door creaks lightly, but it sounds like a blaring bomb to my ears.
The air is still. The heavy silence weighs on the dark gloomy atmosphere.
I hold my breath & tiptoe quickly towards the stairs to go up to my room.
"You're back." The unexpected voice shocks me to the core.
"A-Abeonim. I- I thought you were asleep." I stutter, panic rising within me.
Oh God. Has he found out? Did someone see us & tell him about it?
"How was the party?" He switches on the lamp, causing me to flinch at the sudden burst of light.
"I-It was pleasant as usual." I lower my head & answer, silently praying that he will let me go soon.
"I heard you were being very generous in the beginning, but why didn't you bid during the second half?" He rises from his seat & steps closer to me with hands behind his back.
"I wanted to give the opportunity to the other attendees. I thought I shouldn't have drawn all the attention to myself." The surprising calmness in my voice makes me want to pat myself on the back.
"You're not lying, are you?" He stops a few inches in front of me & frowns.
"No, abeonim. I would never lie to you." I muster everything I have in me to not waver under his scrutinizing gaze.
"You smell like salt & sweat.. And smoke.." He moves his face closer & sniffs.
Does he smell Taehyung on me? But I've made sure to spray a lot of perfume to cover up his scent.
"The venue was right by the beach, that's why I smell like salt. And this dress is thick, so I sweated quite a lot. As for the smoke, a few ladies there had taken a liking of smoking those trendy thin cigarettes, so.."
"Atrocious! Whoever their fathers or husbands are should be ashamed. No dignified ladies should smoke. Cigarettes are for whores & prostitutes. You understand that perfectly well, right Y/n?" He lifts his finger to caress my cheek, sending chills down my spine.
I'm worse than those ladies Abeonim. But you mustn't know.
"Yes Abeonim. Those little rolls of tobacco are toxic & I'm never interested in trying them." I nod obediently.
"Good. Now go take a bath. You smell horrid, like one of those disgusting fishermen." He dismisses me with a flick of his hand & turns around.
"Yes Abeonim. Have a good night sleep." I bow at him & try to walk slowly so that he won't think that I'm trying to escape.
Once I get into my room & close the door safely behind me, my knees immediately lose all their strength causing me to collapse onto the floor.
If Abeonim finds out what I did, he will kill me for sure, so I have to carry this secret to my grave.
As I try to stand up, a numbing pain shoots through my lower stomach & genital area.
I quickly rush to the restroom & take off my clothes & underwear.
My cotton white panties are stained with blood, a sign of my indecency.
I'm no longer pure. I'm a whore. Why did I do it? Why did I give my precious first time to a guy like him who I know nothing about?
Regret & guilt wash over me in tumultuous waves as tears roll down my pale face.
"I don't intend to let you go just yet."
His last words echo in my ears, chilling me to the bone.
"What does he want from me? He can't- He can't possibly want me to have sex again with him, can he?" I mutter to myself, worried.
No, Y/n. You need to forget about tonight, about him. Pretend that it has never happened. I'm sure he was just teasing you.
I take my blood-stained panties to the sink, wash it until its back to its original pure white color, & throw it in the bin.
Then, I let the hot water pour over me, rinsing away his traces on my skin, erasing my sin.
But deep down I know, my sin will never be forgiven & his touch will never be forgotten.

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