Chapter 2

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My eyes slowly open I went to stretch but was cut off hitting a wooden bar. I let out a little groan of pain since my knuckles we're bruised. I looked around seeing I was surrounded by the wooden bars.

It was a crib. I was in a crib in a nursery. I sat up by my elbows and looked at myself. I was in a fox onesies that my tail fit through, some orange socks with fox faces on it. Then I realized there was something soft between my crotch. I was in a nappy.

I looked around. I was in a forest-themed nursery and had everything one would think to be in there. I had to get out of here.

I used the crib to pull myself up. I felt so small in the crib since it came up to my chin. I tried to pull myself over but I slipped not able to get any traction. I saw a baby monitor and then heard footsteps come up to the door. I panic and scrambled to a corner farthest from the door my breathing picking up in fear and my ears folded it back against my head.

I saw the man with red hair came in. I whimpered and curled my body up in fear. "Hey sweetie it's okay. You're safe I'm not going to hurt you." he said getting closer to a went to pick me up making me scream at the top of my lungs.

"Don't touch me!" I yelled him but he didn't listen so I started thrashing in his arms screaming and crying.

I felt my body being pulled into someone else arms and they rubbed my back just letting me cry for a bit before telling me to follow his breathing. "Deep breathes little one...there you go." the other male smiled down at me making me blush as he moved hair from my eyes that were still blurry with tears.

I could still pick out details, however. He had long black hair and red eyes.

Both the males were a lot taller than me and well-built wail I was scrawny and small.


I heard screaming and crying from the nursery and I ran up the stair to help.

Jacob was trying to calm the poor thing but it fell on deaf ears as he thrashed, screamed, cried, and pleaded with my husband not understanding what was going on. He was going to hyperventilate if he kept this up.

"Here let me take him." I said taking the pup in my arms and started rocking my body and eventually had him calm.

He looked around sniffling. He looked up at me and I smiled at him. " Let's get some food in that belly of yours yeah?" I hummed and he shyly nodded.

Jacob walked out of the room first then I followed the boy still in my arms. "I-I can walk..." he whispered.

I smiled at him. "Nonsense you're still young to walk on your own." I said starting to use normal phrases that would help someone slip into their headspace.


I didn't like being held especially by one if the men who kidnapped me. I shifted and wiggled but was only met with a firm pat on my thigh making me whimper my ears folding back.

Once we got to the kitchen and I saw a highchair. I started squirming more whining and whimpering. "Put me down!" I yelled pushing against his chest.

During my struggle, I used my fangs biting his hand and he dropped me. I let out a small yelp of pain before I quickly scrambled to my feet and ran off into a room slamming the door shut and ran to the window. I flung the window open and looked down a cool breeze hitting my face. I looked over myself and saw that I was nowhere near dressed warmly enough. I decided that I don't care. I'm no one's baby, pet, or toy.

I climbed on the window but was grabbed. I was so close. I screamed and struggled roughly wail he tried to hold me.

I moved my shoulder in the wrong way and felt it dislocated. I howled in pain. It wasn't the first time it's happened but that's one of those pains you can get used to.

I felt a muzzle over my mouth and it quickly took my attention.


When the boy yelped it hurt my heart. I could ignore my pain easily but I didn't want him to be hurt.

I looked at Jacob who quickly ran after the boy to catch him wail I grabbed a muzzle and restraints.


When I finally found the room he was in he was about to jump out the window but I was able to grab him but as soon as I did he started screaming and struggling how did he still have so much energy?

Thomas ran in with the muzzle and straps so he wouldn't hurt him or us until he calmed down.

The sound of his shoulder popping out. Dislocating. Was sicking. Then there was is a howl of pain.

My heart hurt and Thomas quickly muzzled him which took his focus so he wouldn't focus on his shoulder or us. I put him over my shoulder and walked me to the kitchen sitting him in the highchair and tied his hands to the sides.

He was a sobbing mess, panicking at the fact he couldn't move, he was hurting, and he had a muzzle on. His ears were flat against his head his eyes tightly shut as tears pouring out.

"Baby boy it's okay, deep breathes, once your calm we'll explain everything. But you need to calm down." Thomas said in a gentle tone.

After about 15 minutes he had tired himself out and he would just whimper and sniffle a bit. I went to stroke his hair but he growled so I recoiled not wanting him to get worked back up.

"There you go pup. You going to be good?" Thomas asked in a gentle tone.

The boy sniffled and nodded. "O-off?" he whispered out the word slightly raspy and muffled mostly due to the muzzle.

I smiled and nodded taking it off and it seemed to help calm him a bit.

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