Chapter 12

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Dachi's jacket. Weichi smiled and thanked him by kissing his cheek, not knowing that he blushed at her actions. 

Soon enough, the sun finally rose and it was a beautiful sight. Weich used her phone to take a photo and it seemed like the boys were finally reinvigorated because right after she has placed her phone in her pocket, the boys began shouting some chants. It shocked her, but she giggled at how it reminded her of how Siyang would give her confidence.

Unbeknownst to her, the boys had wanted to play matchmaker and pulled not only Weichi, but Dachi as well, to face away from the sun and towards them. They then told her that they needed to pose for a photo and they did. 

Once they finished their fun, they went back to the tennis resort and matchers were to be done. 

Weichi had gone to change when the matches started, but she made it in time to see her brother's match. When he won, be walked off the court towards her. He had a smile on his face, similar to the way Zu Ziping had a smile when he approached his own sister. 

Xing Zi and Weichi giggled as their respective brothers walked towards them. When they get the uniforms back, Weichi smiled as Xing Zi said that it was hard to wash their uniforms, but was able to have Weichi help her. 

Jiale had suggested that the others from Yu Feng join them in a photo, and Coach Qi was going to take the photo, but then since Weichi was technically not part of the school, she offered to take the photo. 

"Ready?" Weichi asked. 

"Yes!" the shouted back in unison. 

"One... Two... Three... *Click!*" 

[End of Story] 


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