Chapter 4

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"F-Fine," Siyang agreed. He was hesitant to agree because he knew that many of the club members acted different when it came to girls. They would become a stuttering mess, and wouldn't even focus on a match that they were playing. Finding out that a girl, not to mention that it was Siayng's sister, was coming to see their practice would be a big thing for them. So, he planned on keeping her arrival/ visit a secret until she actually was going to be there. He felt that it was right to do so, probably because he was becoming protective of her again. He was pulled out of his thought by the loud squeal of his sister, as she began to celebrate in victory. 

Weichi jumped up and down in joy, finally happy that her brother would let her go to see his school. She quickly kissed his cheek and said a simple 'good night' before running to her room to rest for the night. She changed into a simple pair of pajamas and fell asleep with a smile on her face, eager to see her brother's school and tennis teammates. She knew their coach, both from Dachi and Siyang, but also because she was on the phone with Coach Qi before. She was on the phone with the coach because she was checking in with Siayng as he forgot to pick her up from school once. 

The next day was a free day from school for Weichi, so that meant that she could hang out with her brother for the whole day. She then went to see the school the next day, her brother just leaving from his classes. She noticed that these kids that were on the courts had a grey shirt, not a blue jersey like her brothers. She guessed that they were the nonregulars and she giggled when she saw Dachi and a few other guys walking in from the other end of the court. She smiled, seeing as Dachi didn't notice her on the other end of the courts. 

She watched as her brother came in, yelling at the nonregulars who were causing a commotion to do laps. He doubled it, making her smile. His attitude was very different in front of the club members, but that's how it is when you're appointed to be captain right? She watched as his face was completely stoic, not showing a single sign of a smile, as he watched over the practicing players. She compared it to his go-happy attitude at home, but she found nothing similar, except for the fact that he was very warry of people who would enter from any door or gate... 

Her small chuckle caught the attention of the others as she moved out of the shadows, smiling as she did. Siyang cleared his throat before telling everyone to continue their practice. He didn't say anything, but Dachi saw her waving at him. He shyly waved back, this gesture not going unnoticed by Zhuo Zhi... 

After they warmed up, she waited on the side as the regulars began to leave for the indoor courts. She took the opportunity of him leaving on the same side she was standing on to hug him. She when she did, he was legit startled. Not expecting the sudden act of affection, made him slightly blush. He stood there shocked, and tried not to hit her with the racket as he hugged back. This just made everyone confused, including Jiale. He was not aware that Dachi had made a friend, and that it was a girl. A girl! The team was definitely confused now, due to the fact that he had never mentioned being with a girl, not even knowing a girl for that matter! This girl was very interesting for the club regulars because they noticed that she wasn't even from the school.

He releases their hug and asked, "Hey, when did you get here?" 

Weichi smirked and replied, "I got here a bit after Siyang's lessons were finished." 

Hearing their captain's name, it got them even more curious.. What was this girl's relationship with both Siyang and Dachi? What's her name? Who was she? 

She giggled at their stunned states, but she remembered her brother's orders and felt that it was best to get them there before worse punishments occured. "I think it's best you guys leave. I don't want Siyang to tell you off. Go to the courts, I'll be with Coach Qi..." She ushered before leaving. She decided to say 'hello' to their team coach.

She knocked on the door, and a faint "come in" was heard. She walked in, finding her brother there with a few papers. 

"Hey Si Si..." Weichi called out. She giggled as her brother gave her a glare, kind of meaning not to call him with that nickname. 

"What is it you need Ni ni?" he asked, smirking at Weichi's reaction. 

"Stop calling me Ni Ni!" Weichi whined. 

"Don't call me Si Si then!" Siyang shot back playfully. 

"Well, I'm here to talk to your coach so, run along with your tennis addiction and lead your team!" Weichi pestered, pulling her brother from his seat as she pushed him towards the door. 

"Fine..." Siyang hollered. Weichi smiled as she walked over to their coach, bowing with a small greeting. 

"You must be Siyang's sister. I'm coach Qi Na," A middle-aged woman greeted, holding her hand out for Weichi. Weichi greeted back, shaking her hand with their coach's. 

"Do you know where the indoor courts are? I'm going to stay with my brother for the day..." Weichi asked. 

"Mhm! Just go from the courts outside, and then take a left after going down the hallway to your right. You'll find a balcony-like stairwell there. That leads to the indoor courts," Coach Qi directed. 

She walked around, following the directions when she found herself watching the match that was going on down in the courts. It was a freshman against what she guessed was a sophmore. She didn't notice that someone was behind her... 

"What is going on here?"

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