At first light, At first sight

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 A/N: Happy New Year my Bakers. Here’s to a year filled with love and joy.



It takes one year for a heart to break completely.

Two, for it to mend.

Three, for it to go numb.

Four, for it to laugh.

Five, for it to start believing—


Once again.




I first felt the cold—

The frost that laced my heart began to branch its veins,

Like a disease, faint—

Then it was the frozen piece of solid matter,

Just a clatter—

For the needles that sowed the pieces together,

Mended the latter.

Then it was the loss—

The lack of emotion and pain and happiness and joy and sorrow,

I had no care for tomorrow—

But I began my slow rise to stand,

Yet again—

Take the hands of fear but for once,


Brave enough

To look it in the eye.


In Love, you lose something, and you find something.

In Love, you lose something—

And that is your mind.

In Love, you find something—

And that is your heart.

—I’ve found it then,

And I’m back again—

Ready to lose, and ready to find,

All at the same time.


The warm orange lights seemed to blind me—like an angel when it spreads its wings.

I tugged on Giselle’s hand, reminding her of the step, as I closed the door and left the cold behind.

At first, I thought that for some strange reason, I had travelled back in time.

The lingering scent of waffles, vanilla, buttercream and bread clouded my mind—

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