2)Angry Lust

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He looked confused and slightly worried as I pushed him inside his room and slammed the door shut behind us. I think I may be a little drunk still, but I was a woman on a mission now.

"What did I do?" Is he serious?

"You punched that guy! Caused a scene! Said you were my boyfriend! AND THEN LEFT!" I yelled all while poking his chest at each of my points.

"So?" Lord send me strength. 

"So?" I grit out through my teeth. "You- you. Ugh! You're so- Ugh! Screw you Barnes!" I flick my hair in his face and began turned the the door.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me away, causing me to fall into his chest. "I was helping you, how am I the enemy now!" I glare up at him as he glared down at me.

"I'm perfectly capable of defending myself" I snatch my hand back off him.

"No you aren't. Not when you're drunk like this!" He crossed his arms angrily.

"Yes I am! I could have easily punched him and had it over with!" 

He started to stalk towards me and my glare faltered. I don't like the way he's looking at me- like I'm his prey and he's the predator. He doesn't stop even when he's right in front of me and so I began to walk back to create some space between us.

It wasn't long until my back was pressed against the wall and his body was pressed against mine. His hands came up to pin mine against the wall above my head and his face slowly came down to mine.

"Try to escape" He whispered huskily into my ear. I felt my voice stuck in my throat and my knees became incredibly weak. I did as he said and tried to get out. However his leg was over both of mine stopping them from moving and you know the situation with our hands.

I huff out in anger as nothing happened after I struggled for five minuets. "Let me go!" I screech in frustration. He looks at me, his eyes never leaving mine. He had amazing eyes. So blue and bright. A smirk soon comes over his face.

"Told you" He muses. I growl and lift my head up to try and headbutt him, unfortunately he moved away. "So?" He says after awhile of nothing happen.

I look at him and glare, "I'm not going to apologise if that's what you want" He chuckles.

"You are way to stubborn for your own good doll" I clench my jaw.

"Don't call me doll"

"Why not, does it bother you, doll ?"

"You- you're. Ugh! Stupid flirty Barnes. Annoying butt-head. Irritating sexy freak!" I spat out at him. I only realised what I had said when a full blow grin takes over his face.

"You think I'm sexy" He laughs throwing his head back as I glare at him, no doubt my cheeks were bright red.


"That's not what I heard doll" He said leaning down to me. He drops our hands and places his on my waist. I'm feeling really hot right now. It is hot in here? Who turned up the AC? "Don't worry" He whispers into my ear. 

"I think you're sexy too" I gulp. When the man from the party said it, I felt disgusting. But when he says it, I feel... Aroused?

"Shut up" I mumble, avoiding his gaze. I'm so embarrassed. I should have just gone to bed. He says nothing and I finally look back up at him. He's staring down at me with one thing in his eyes.

Raw lust.

"God I want you so bad" My breath hitches in my throat. I bite my lip and watch as his eyes darken. I know I wanted him too. I wasn't in love with him, but I was definitely attracted to him. He was, after all, sexy.

"You're so infuriating" I whisper.

He smirks and I feel myself getting wet if I wasn't already. "I think you need to be punished" He whispers back. Am I alive? Did I die? Is this actually happening?!

"You haven't got the guts" I mock him, knowing that deep down I wanted him to punish me. God I wanted him to do thing to me. I wanted him t-

I squeal in surprise as he lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his waist as he carries me over to his bed and throws me down. "Look at you in the tight red dress" His jaw clenches as his hand traces the outline. "Teasing me all night with that dancing" 

I look up at him through my eyelashes. "I thought you asked me to save you a dance" I smirk seductively. I did a silent praise in my head once I hear his groan of frustration.

"Doll, you have no idea what I want to do to you right now" He grips my hips and drags me closer to me. He hovers over me, one hand on his side on my upper thigh, slowly travelling up my dress.

"Then do it" 

"Buck! Get here now, we need a serious talk about what you can't do at parties!" We both freeze when we hear Steve shout from the other side of the floor. I hear Bucky curse under his breath.

"Go away Steve" He growls while looking at me like a starved man.

"No, we are talking now! Either you come out or I'll come in!" I look at Bucky panicked and quickly shake my head. No one could know about this. He groaned once more.

"Fine! I'll meet you in the main room" I hear Steve walk away and sigh in relief. Bucky gets up and help me too. I look down and chuckle evilly as I noticed his little friend was up and ready to play. Too bad.

I quickly walk to the door and twist the handle. The door opens and just as I was about to disappear I hear him. "Don't think I won't have you soon doll. I know you want me and now there's nothing that's going to stop me from getting what I want" I gulp and quickly walk away.

So I didn't get laid.

And I'm extremely horny.

Bloody Great!

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