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(3rd POV)

It wasn't hard for Tomura to fall asleep, even if it was on the sofa.

He had drank water, at least, to hopefully regain some of his lost fluids.

But his head hurt so badly, and with all they could really steal being low dosed medications, it only did a fraction of what the reduction of pain would have been if he were taken to a hospital.

He didn't even wake up to the sound of Keigo getting out of their shower, or stepping outside in his same clothes, because he had no spares.

Didn't wake up to the winged hero changing his shirt out for a clean one.

Didn't wake up to the washing machine running.

Because he slept. He needed it, because god-knows how long he had gotten to sleep before the whole incident. But oh well. He was sleeping. And deemed without a concussion.

But waking up for him seemed to be the hardest part. His head throbbed with pain, making it ultimately worse. The first thing he asked for when he felt himself slip back into reality was for more medicine, and water. Which he got.

Strong hands on his shoulder, a silent tell to open his eyes. And when he did, he saw red feathers, and then averted his gaze to look at dirty blonde hair, and then a structured face.


But he was given the water and two (low dosed) painkillers. He greedily took them and popped the pills in his mouth, washing them down with the water.

He had been in worse pain.

It still bothered him.

He wanted to keep talking, but it made his throat sore. But again, he had experienced worse pain.

"What the fuck were you thinking-" was all he could sputter to the cocky blonde kneeling in front of him.

"Woah, don't bite my head off. I know you didn't ask me to save your life, but I figured it be important, minus the sappy shit you told Toga earlier." He chuckled, which gained a confused look from Tomura.

"How did you-"

"Toga is a loud mouth. She talks every chance she gets."

Defeated. Hawks was right. Toga had passed along what he had said. No shock there.

"You look like shit, Shiggy."

It had caught him off guard. Something he didn't know if he should take offense to, or not.

"Need a xanny? Not like I have any, but I'm sure your friends could hook you up." He said, flashing a shit eating grin. His teeth were straight, and white.

They made his smile so handsome.

But all the blue hard villain could do was scoff. "I don't need a xanny to feel better." He said, sitting up and resting on his elbows. Though the numb would be nice.

But Keigo said his friends. Not their friends. Keigo was fairly new to the League, but now Tomura felt like he owed his life to the winged blonde. The least he could do was make Keigo feel welcome. He felt rage, and pain at the same time.

Dumb ass low dosage pills.

"We need to talk a bit when you're feeling a bit better, Shiggy." Keigo said, mostly for the sake of Tomura being extremely cranky when he was in any sort of pain. He was more cooperable when he wasn't in pain, or pissed off. Most likely best to wait.

"Looking forward to that conversation. But one thing."

"Hm? What's that?"

"I don't need your help changing clothes."

They decided to leave it at that for now. Probably the best choice.

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