You're So Stupid..

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(3rd POV)

A few days had passed since Tomura Shigaraki had risked his life, and was saved by their newest recruit.

It was weird to see him around, knowing he didn't have to ruin his death. All the information would have gone to his grave, whether he was caught or not.

If he was caught, he was determined not to talk, so he would prevent it in any way he could.

His headache was still hadn't ever really gone away, but it want as head throbbing as it was before. The bandages around his head had been deemed unnecessary now, so Toga took them off. Which was a relief that Shigaraki could actually get to the spots that itched. And he could finally shower.

A shower sounded amazing.

He finished up his dinner (Thanks to Kurogiri), and put his dishes away, not a word to be said to anyone. Not even the number two pro hero that had sat across from him.

He doesn't know whether to thank him or turn his feathers to dust for both risking himself, and their legacy.

Oh well.

He was about to leave the main lounge, but was stopped by a red wing sticking out in front of him. Blocking his path.

He was confused. He glanced over to the winged blonde, who hadn't finished his plate yet, and crossed his arms.

He wasn't in the mood for games.

"What do you want, Hawks?"

The confrontation seemed to catch him off guard.

All the winged hero did was sigh, and out down his silverware. It was a minute of him glancing alongside the table before he stood. The blonde seemed to have lost his appetite.

"I said we needed to talk once you were feeling better. You've been off the sofa, had your wound stitched, and your bandages removed. You look like you're doing better to me, unless I'm wrong?" He asked, scraping his plate and putting it in the sink to be cleaned.

It only earned a scoff from Tomura.

"Yeah, whatever. We can talk, I don't care. Where and when?" He asked, still keeping his rather annoyed posture. He was more annoyed he had been talked down to like that. But it gave him a weird feeling.

It made his heart flutter a bit. But of course, he was going to ignore that part. He couldn't show any signs of weakness. If he did, the other's would talk down to him as well. He needed to be the face of leadership.

Keigo, walking back over, pulled him into a back room of the hideout. A storage room. Of course. It was quiet, and nobody would be able to hear their conversations, unless they sat by the door, intentionally listening in.

"Okay, what do you want to talk about?" He asked, still showing off his attitude towards the blonde.

Hawks pulled out two boxes, and sat on one. Tomura sat on the other. The first words to come out of Keigo's mouth caught Tomura off guard.

"You're so fucking stupid."

Tomura scoffed and leaned back against a storage shelf. "And you're any smarter? I risked my life that day because I kept this league's future in mind. I risked my life because I can be easily replaced. I know so. So if you're going to sit in here and lecture me, you can gladly be the number one enemy and join Mr. Hellflame. Tell him anything you want, I don't care." He snapped, continuing to ramble about himself and heros, only to have Keigo stand and place another strong hand on his shoulder.

It was silent for a minute, Tomura hesitant to push him away. He didn't want to hurt the blonde by accident, like he had done to loved ones before.

"Endeavor doesn't know shit. I haven't told him anything about the league. He suspects nothing, but this isn't about him, anyways. It's about you. I don't want to see everyone mourning your loss. Little Toga..poor girl would be heartbroken. So would Twice. You're more important than you think.

You're doing nobody any favors to be going off and killing yourself like that. Think a little harder next time before you bust open a railing okay?" He said, sitting back down on the box.

All Tomura could do were take in his words. They had to mean something.

His heart fluttered again, a feeling he hadn't felt in a long time. He finally didn't brush it off this time, but sat in silence. His thoughts gathering, he sighed. "I wish it were true. I really do. I was pretty stupid about it, I'll think harder about what I'm doing ne-"

He had been cut off.

His eyes were as wide as dinner plates.

Warm lips against his own, a soft hand on his cheek.

They belonged to Keigo.

He was still in shock even as the blonde had pulled away.

"Shut up. And for God's sake, put on some chapstick. Alright?"

And soon he was left alone in the storage room to ask himself what the fuck just happened.

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