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 The League Of Villains   by YourOtakuaddict33
The League Of Villains by YourOtakuaddict33
Quick Disclaimer: If the author/publishing company of boku no hero academia/my hero academia wants this removed then I will with, no hesitation remove it and sincerely a...
Oneshots of whatever (Fluff mostly) by I_have_all_the_feels
Oneshots of whatever (Fluff mostly)by GayMight
Oneshots of whatever the heckity I want, MHA, AOT, and anything I find interesting, give me requests, they are my life juice.
Multi-Fandom Shippies by ShigaShigaShig
Multi-Fandom Shippiesby Shiga
This is a multi-fandom ship story. Including Tododeku, Bakudeku, Todobakudeku, Kiribaku, DabiHawks, Shigadabi, Shigahaul, Shigadabihawks, Dabihaul, Izuocha,Inatodo, Kiri...
Decayed Feathers (Tomura Shigaraki x Keigo Takami) by xxtamaki_amajikixx
Decayed Feathers (Tomura Tamaki Amajiki
"It all happened too fast for Tomura to even comprehend what had happened.. Had Takami gone mad? Why would someone with such high priority and high standards go for...
The Temperance's Patience by MarakiOwO
The Temperance's Patienceby MarakiOwO
Tomura never understood love and really all he knew about it was (from cheesy romance movies) what he thought was dumb. But when Tomura met him he knew it meant a lot mo...