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(Tomura's POV)

It all had happened too quickly.

Everything was blurry.

I can hear noises..sirens. Most likely from an ambulance. But it was..distanced.

Cool air hit my back as I blinked, red flashing it's way in front of my line of vision. Reaching up to touch my forehead, my blurred fingertips spread the crimson that had dripped in front of my eyes.

Then everything was black again.

(3rd POV)

Nobody was expecting a high speed chase. Luckily though, it was only Shigaraki in the car. But nobody was expecting Tomura to come to a dead end before booking it off the railing of the road, damaging the car and himself in the process.

Tomura was prepared to die.

He would rather take his secrets to the LOV to his grave than get caught by police and heros.

The last thing he remembers is hitting his head on the way to jump out of the free falling car.

And then he felt weightless.

Waking up laying on the familiar sofa was..confusing, to say the least. He looked at his hands, and they were clean. But he had sworn he felt blood. Even if he hadn't seen it or remembered it. Had he been cleaned up?

He looked up at the ceiling. The dimmed lights still hurt his eyes. His head was throbbing. It hurt. He reached up and felt a bandage, fairly tightly wrapped around his forehead. He groaned softly and sat up, only to get the attention of his villainous, bloodthirsty sidekick.

Toga knew quite a lot about medical care, for a girl old enough to still be in school. He honestly had doubted her abilities, until now.

"No, no! Lay back down!" She ushered, getting up from her barstool and within his side in seconds, gently pushing his chest back down until he was flat against the sofa.

This couldn't be real. There was no possible way. He was free falling what seemed like seconds ago..

He rubbed his face. His eyes were tired. His head was throbbing. But the one thing he seemed to spot right away made him bend over from the couch to pick up.

A maroon red feather. One that hadn't been there before. Toga seemed to notice his gaze as he toyed the soft feather in his fingertips. "Is..Hawks here..?"

That's when he noticed his own blood soaked shirt, and to his left, resting on the bar in his line of vision, a blood soaked, fur lined jacket.

Hawks had saved him.

But why..?

It ran through his head faster than he could comprehend that he had busted open a metal railing to keep his League safe. His life mattered, but the legacy of the future of Villains mattered more.

His glance shot to Toga, who seemed confused at why Tomura was confused.

"Hawks is here. He brought you here. But we cleaned you up and got in our shower because he was drenched in your blood.." Toga said, as softly as her voice could seem to go.

Then he felt the harsh smack to his arm.

"What the hell were you thinking?! He told us everything! He said he was watching the chase from above and you had the audacity to bust open that railing?! You would rather die?!" She shouted, making his head hurt even worse.

Tomura deserved it. He sighed softly and sat up just a little bit. "I'd rather die than watch our legacy fall if they catch me. They have god-knows what technology these days. They'd get information out of me somehow, and I can't risk that. You'll understand when you have a leadership of something so important as this league." He huffed slightly, adjusting the bandages around his forehead that started soaking up the blood. No doubt he would need stitches, but nobody seemed to be around, except for Kurogiri, who was tending to his bar.

Kurogiri kept giving him side glances.

Tomura didn't have a problem with that, but more found it endearing. Whatever that was.

Toga gave a soft sigh and encouraged Tomura to dink some water. He had lost a lot of blood, and would need stitches later or in the morning.

Guess he wouldn't tend too much attention to it tonight. His head hurt too much.

The thought gave him a bellyache.

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