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Touching his lips, they felt warm. Not cold or severely damaged. Not missing something.

Keigo Takami just kissed him.

But he let the winged blonde walk out on him, and leave him in a dimly lit storage unit. He had a mix of feelings.

He felt a spark of happiness.

He felt he wanted more.

He felt Keigo could give him things he could never have before.

He took his fingertips away from his lips and swallowed thickly before moving back into the main room, shutting the door behind him to find Keigo. He was nowhere in sight. He picked up the now clean signature attire, his jacket, and walked off with it. Hopefully to find Keigo.

His heart was doing something it had never done before. It was racing, and Tomura felt like it might just jump out of his chest and start a new life without being over stimulated by such an emotionless human being.

He was in a back room, of course, starting up the gaming console with Dabi. He didn't mind, but leaned into the doorframe, looking down at the jacket in his hands and debating whether or not he wanted to let him have it, or keep it.

Before the two could notice he was ever there, he went back to the bar and wrote him a note, and stuck it in his jacket pocket. And then walked back, clearing his throat. "Birdbrain. You left your jacket." He said, tossing him the soft fabric that was caught, and set down.

God dammit. The smirk he received made his hands start to shake.

"Thanks, Shiggy."

Tomura looked down at the floor, about to turn and leave before-

"Wanna join us in here?"

A different voice, but an invitation nonetheless. He looked straight to Dabi and sighed. He knew the man he called his friend could see right through him. Probably could read more by his facial expression alone.

Damn you, Dabi.

He shrugged, as if that was an answer, and looked back into the lounge. Seems like everybody was keeping themselves busy. He wouldn't be needed.

So he stepped inside and shut the door behind him, trying his hardest not to turn the door or handle to dust with how much nervousness he felt after what had just happened in the storage closet.

After a few, very competitive rounds of Mario Kart, Dabi tossed the controller to the side. "I'm gonna go get some drinks. I'll get you guys some." And up and left the room. Tomura didn't think he was coming back.

He shifted in his seat and glanced over when he felt eyes on him.

He was right.

Handsome eyes looking at him and that..that shit eating smirk.

He was taken a bit off guard and finally caught his words.


"Nothing. I peeked at the note you gave me."

Right. He had given him one of those.

He sighed. "Better topic, why did you kiss me?"

All he got was a light shrug, the smirk never leaving his face.

"Why do people kiss other people?"

The question took a minute. "Because they're either in love, posing what love should be, pretending for someone, or full of lust. Just going to tell you right now, Keigo. Don't use me. I haven't felt a lot of what I'm feeling now in a long time. Don't take that to your advantage."

Keigo's smirk turned into worry. "Woah, Tomura, calm down. I'm not..using you. Christ. Kind of offended you would take that of me." He sighed, shaking his head. "Okay, you have two of the four you listed, and it's not the two bad ones. But we can save the fourth for later." He teased, getting a good reaction out of Tomura, which consisted of him staring in shock, and his face actually getting some color to it. Bright pink cheeks.

"Fuck off, Birdbrain..I don't even know what we are. Ever since you've been here it's been kind of awkward. I can't be the only one to see that." He said, starting to ramble. "Plus, we hardly talk to each other, so isn't weird to catch feeling so quickly? I mean I-"

Once again cut off.

More warmth.

More soft lips on his own.

He let instinct take over and gently kissed him back, letting his eyes flutter closed.

The next thing he knew, he was in the blonde's lap, having his sides gently rubbed at, with his arms lazily slung over strong shoulders.

Dabi had come back in with drinks, but turned right back around and left.

Dabi had the human decency to leave someone alone.

Tomura didn't regret anything.

To be Continued...
Decayed Feathers (Tomura Shigaraki x Keigo Takami)
Last updated: Jun 05, 2020
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