Chapter 2

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The next day was tame, at least compared to what Izuku was expecting from Katsuki and whoever he deemed worthy enough to live with. There were a few shouts, but that was to be expected from the blond.

The problem arose the following day.

It was around five in the afternoon and Izuku had just gotten back from his few classes he had that day. He was burnt out and just wanted to get a head start on his research paper before completely crashing.

He fired up his lap top, pulled up the syllabus for the assignment, and created a new document. He was about to start the introduction, when a series of loud bangs from below him made him freeze.

They lasted not more than a minute and then were done. Izuku let out a sigh of annoyance, but continued typing up a few sentences.

Then came more noise.

A guitar.

That's when Izuku realized the banging from a few minutes earlier was probably drums. Which meant the noise wasn't a one time thing. His thoughts were proven true when the drums started up again.

"I will actually cry." Izuku muttered, letting his head drop onto his desk in defeat. It had been a long day and he was exhausted. Nothing had been going right for him and he just wanted to do some work and then get to sleep, but of course that just couldn't happen.

With a heavy sigh, Izuku pulled himself to his feet and sluggishly made his way out of his home, down the stairs, and up to the front door of Katsuki and Shoto's residence.

The music was still blaring as Izuku knocked loudly on the door, but he had a good feeling no one would notice. He was proven correct when the noise didn't cease and he was stuck knocking for a few more minutes.

Eventually the song ended and the people in the house finally heard his knocking. The door was opened a few seconds later.

"You look like shit." Katsuki mused, taking in the sight of a clearly tired Izuku.

"Thank you for pointing that out, Kacchan. I wouldn't look this terrible if I was sleeping right now, which I can't do because of all the noise you guys are making." The smaller male said with a slight whine. He was close to passing out from exhaustion and didn't really care how annoying he sounded.

"That sucks, go somewhere else and sleep then." Katsuki said with a shrug, twirling a drumstick in one hand while he held the door open with the other.

"I can't just go somewhere else and sleep. Where do you think I'd go?" Izuku asked him, a little bit more heat in his words this time.

Katsuki shrugged again. "Not my problem nerd."

Izku took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down before his irrational, sleep deprived brain got too out of hand. "Look Kacchan, we're gonna be living- well not together, but really close to it- until one of us moves out, which probably won't be soon. Can't we at least pretend to get along?"

"How does getting along have anything to do with you not having any friends to crash with?" Katsuki asked, his eyebrows slightly furrowed in question.

Izuku gaped at him for a second as he registered his words. "See this, this is why I don't know how you have friends." Izuku pointed out.

"Yo Bakubro, what's the hold up?" Kirishima's voice called from within the house.

"I'm being blamed for our neighbor not having any friends." Katsuki called back.

"Stop being an asshole to Midoriya." Shinso called back, not lifting his eyes from his phone. He was just there for Kaminari and he didn't feel like having one of his few actual friends get pushed around by the angry blond.

"Oh my god, I literally just want to sleep! Can't you guys just be quiet for like, five hours? I just- I really need to sleep, okay?" Izuku finally snapped. He got a short temper when he was tired, sue him.

Shinso groaned and grabbed something from his bag, walking out to the entryway, where Katsuki and Izuku were glaring at each other. He held his hand out to Izuku, making the shorter boy hesitantly grab what he was handing him.

"Take these. Thank me tomorrow." Shinso muttered. "I'll keep them quiet." He added.

"Shinso, why're you giving me drugs?" Izuku asked in a whiny voice. He was tired and didn't feel like getting arrested for drug possession.

"Calm down, they're my insomnia meds. Something you should get." The purple haired boy answered, going back into the house.

"Thanks I guess." Izuku muttered, looking at the small pills in his hands. He went back up to his part of the house, not bothering to say anything else to Katsuki. He was truly too tired to care.


"Did you seriously give Midoriya some of your insomnia meds?" Kaminari asked his boyfriend once he came back into the living room, Katsuki walking in shortly after.

"That's not cool dude." Kirishima said, messing with the strings on his bass guitar.

Shinso rolled his eyes at the two. "I gave him melatonin." He corrected.

"So he'll be awake in two hours." Katsuki responded with a singular nod. "The nerd used to take melatonin like it was fucking smarties, it won't do shit for him."

Everyone in the room looked over at him with questioning gazes. "Why do you know that? I thought you hated him." Kaminari asked.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. "I didn't hate him, and our moms are friends. He got shipped over to our house a few times when his mom had to work late or something." He explained.

"You totally hated him." Shinso said, once again giving his phone all of his direct attention. He had gone to middle and high school with the two, being fairly close with Izuku through the years.

"No I didn't." Katsuki restated, crossing his arms and glaring at the other boy.

"Yes you did." Shinso said back.

"This is pointless." Shoto said, setting his guitar down and walking into the kitchen.

Kirishima looked between everyone in the living room. "So, are we done for the night then or?..."

"If Bakugou means it when he says he doesn't hate Midoriya, then yeah, yeah you are." Shinso said, looking at Katsuki with challenging eyes.

The blond rolled his own. "Just get the fuck out of my house." He growled.

Shinso got up, pulling Kaminari with him. "Already ahead of you."

"Oh um, bye guys!" Kaminari said, being dragged down the hallway by his boyfriend.

"I guess I'm gonna head out too then." Kirishima said slightly awkwardly, putting his bass away and then leaving, all while in an awkward silence.

"There goes actually practicing tonight." Shoto mumbled once everyone was gone.

"We can go bother the nerd, seeing as it's his fault." Katsuki suggested, taking a seat on one of the stools in their kitchen.

Shoto raised an eyebrow at him. "He's sleeping and that'd just be a dick move." He said.

Katsuki shot him a smirk, already walking to their front door. "Good thing we're both assholes then."

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