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This is a story on one of the places Eevee got banned from when she was with Kid. Deathly Symmetrical is on hold because of school related stuff and I'm not sure when the next update will be. So, this is a treat for you all that are waiting for the next chapter :]


{1] The Art of Disaster 

The morning in Death City were all but cool. They were always warm if not hot and Eevee hardly light leaving her bed to walk under the rising rays of the sun. They were horrible to her skin, tanned her, and, if she wasn't careful, those rays would make her sweat. Of all the things she could worry about during that particular morning, it wasn't the sun, but her mind seemed to always think of it instead of the real trouble.

Today she was going on her first date with Kid and, though she didn't show it and would never admit it, she was nervous. Perhaps that was the reason behind her worrying about the sun, but she didn't find the connection until she began to look for clothes.

The day was going to be hot, the sun at its peak and her regular clothing would cause her to sweat, which she didn't want to. Then again, her regular clothing would be her safest bet and she wouldn't have to waste time looking for another set of clothes. What was at hand if she decided to not wear her regular clothes was a simple, camouflaged dress that would cause Kid's death because of the asymmetrical pattern. Anything else would probably put him in a coma. . .

Eevee wanted to throw everything against the wall in frustration. Never had she taken so long to dress and never had she actually dress for someone. It was humiliating, embarrassing, and she didn't want to do so. Then again, she blushed, she wanted the day to go as smoothly as possible. To be perfect, if it could be perfect, and with Kid it was very much possible.

She picked her clothes up, the very few she had, and made sure to fold every single one of them before continued her search. Kid was hardly punctual at all and would always arrive late for some ridiculous thing like folding the toilet paper, or because some frame in Death Manor was slightly tilting to the left. Of course it was all in his mind and he would just waste those minutes going back to check the things that were supposedly mocking him.

Curran and Madam Sabrina were not in the shop at the time, where they had gone at such an early hour was beyond Eevee, but she care not one bit on where they went. She was glad, actually. Kid was the time to go up to her home and wait for her downstairs if she wasn't ready. He didn't care if Madam or Curran didn't like him, he didn't believe in meeting his beloved halfway to their destination.

There was a correct way of doing things and picking Eevee up at the shop was just that.

Time was wasting away and Eevee was not yet ready and was hoping Kid had gone into one of his psychotic episodes regarding the mocking, asymmetrical object in his home. She had less than an hour to get ready, and that alone was just making things worse for her. Her thought could concentrated on what she should wear, they were wrapped around the idea of what to expect from Kid that day.

It wasn't until there was fifteen minutes left that Eevee jumped from were she was perched and casually threw on whatever she touched first. She ended wearing simple jean shorts that stopped at her thighs, a plain white shirt with three black strips painted on her left, and simple flat shoes that were easy to walk on. Her hair was tied up in her usual twin tail because it was a cool hair style for the heat. Though, there was also the reason Eevee would never say; Kid liked that particular hair style.

Kid arrived at the time he had said he would pick her up, much to her surprise. He was wearing casual, but somewhat formal, clothing. Some black slacks with a white button shirt with the sleeves pulled up to his elbows. His gold eyes instead of looking at Eevee's face, were glued to her chest. More like glaring at it.

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