Untold Story

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Her fleet sailed to Water Seven with much difficulty due to the raging waves. She has no idea about the Aqua Laguna that's about to happen.

Multiple times she sighed since she has to cut the waves for the fleet to proceed with their journey. That is, after twenty minutes later her navigator told her of the Aqua Laguna.

[Medeia's POV]

"Well, I guess we have to turn back. Tell the others we're returning to Enies Lobby."
I sighed as I gave out the order.

As he ran inside to tell the others, I saw a running train in the middle of all this storm. A little figure holding swords can be seen on top of the train.

I.... I think I know who that is.

I found myself smiling.

My hand made a quick movement to block the blow that came from the swordsman towards my ship. He seemed surprised to see his blow got blocked just like that.

The train then passed by my ship so quickly. We met eyes and I just smiled at him.

Luffy's friends are interesting...


"Chujo! Wasn't that Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro?!"
One of my guy said to me.

"Yeah... That's why... We better hurry to Enies Lobby."
I said to them.


The waves doesn't help my fleet in going any faster and the storm just started to ruin the ship even faster. But it doesn't bother me the least bit. I don't want to go to Enies Lobby after knowing what's about to happen.

I've only heard of rumors that Nico Robin was a part of Luffy's crew. I never thought that it's not just a rumor.

You know what?

I can't help but to sigh once more before going in the ship.

"Wake me up once we're there."


I woke up due to my Rear Admiral, Eric, waking me up.

"We're here."
He said.

So I nodded and head for the deck.

When I saw the scene before me, I was rendered speechless.

"How many hours did it take for us to turn back?"
I asked my Rear Admiral.

"Four hours?"
He said with a shrug.

Enies Lobby is in ruins. The gates opened before we even give our identity as an access.

"Is this really Enies Lobby?!"
I can feel a vein popped in my head.

Eric just stood still in silence next to me.

Then right at that moment, my den den mushi rang.


I answered tiredly.

"Spandam clicked the button. Something terrible must've happened in Enies Lobby. Where are you?"
He asked.

"We're near."
I lied as I looked at Eric who just nodded in understanding.

"All Vice Admirals nearby must've received the signal already. Since you're a Free-Roam Fleet, I'm telling you personally to go there."
He sighed.

"Are you sure destroying Enies Lobby is a good idea?"
I asked.

"We have no other choice. That button has been pressed."
He said, looking like his headache just worsen.

"What's my orders?"
I sighed.

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