Tuesday, 6:33 pm, Dec. 4, 2018

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" So Isabella might have been lured out into the woods.. Perhaps by a text?" Olivia suggested, looking at me from her place on my bed. I nodded, turning in my seat at my desk, writing her idea down," Good thought."
Sophia shook her head, putting her phone down next to her on the bed," Didn't you say that your father said her phone was dead?"
I frowned," You're right.." I quickly erased the idea.
Olivia laid down, staring up at the ceiling," The reports said no one saw her, right?"
Sophia nodded, brushing a strand of her ebony hair behind her ear," That's right. And she was last seen.. Wait where was she-"

" Near Floyd street." I replied.
Sophia nodded slowly. Olivia pursed her lips, still studying the ceiling," There's no clear pattern.. I mean their bodies were found in very different places."
Sophia sighed," There has some correlation..."
I turned back to them," Why wasn't Zoe here tonight?"
Sophia shrugged," Who knows. Probably for some club.. Oh crap, it's 6:36. Olivia, let's go my mom is giving you a ride home. See you at school, Evan."
I smiled at her as she left," Bye."
Olivia slipped off the bed, giving me a warm smile," Bye, Evan."
My cheeks warmed, smiling at her," B.. Bye.."
I watched her leave, sighing and looking back at my desk that was covered in paraphernalia. The two had always been friends, and seeing them grow closer made me happy. They had started hanging out after their daily meetups to do girl things. I looked down at my paper, reading through the theories we had come up with in the past two days.

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