Chapter One - Waiting for a Star to Fall

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November 2014.

The radio alarm buzzes at 5:45 AM. This station is a country station filled with the young morning DJs that are particularly annoying. Glen shrugged out of bed like a snail to turn the light on and stretched out while the DJs were talking about a particular local incident. Glen couldn't care less about the incident really as the two laughed away. Agreeably, the 32-year-old Glen can understand the idea that morning radio has changed a lot since his teenage years back in the mid-to-late 90s.

"Another inning of baseball underway." Glen said to himself.

The skinny and close to 6 feet tall Glen kept stretching himself out arms and legs. This continued for about 3 minutes and an erupt stop happened due to the annoying DJs on the radio. it was still dark outside, so Glen turned on some lights while walking around in this condo. the elegant carpet of the color beige kept his bare feet warm only walked around his white sofa. He opened one of the closets to grab a sweater with hand warmers and a pair of sweatpants and he put them all on. He turned a light by the front door and put on a pair of Nike's. the keys went into the handwarmer pockets and the open up the front door to see the night sky trying to turn light with some frozen dew on the ground. Before he could step out, he grabs his iPod.

He stepped out and close the door behind him including locking It up. He put the earbuds on and switched his iPod to an FM station. His weapon of choice and that one would be the sports talk station of Detroit. Upon turning on the station, the station identified itself with a strange promo voice following some singing of a jingle by a typical radio voice.

Glen began his jog while taking a good look around this condo complex. It shined itself on a white color of the walls, particularly clapboard. The condo he chose was built in the late 70s. Despite that, it was well-maintained and he had no complaints except for the idea that he would rather live in a more modern condo. That and the road next to him was rather busy at times.

He jogged off the condo property and onto a public sidewalk that was recently developed. This station identified the date as November 3 and it was a few minutes close to six o'clock in the morning. Glen jogged to the south while seeing a sign advertising that there are condominiums for sale at $140,000 or $1100 a month, but show casting all of the amenities it has. It also advertised itself as one of the best in Shelby Township.

"I sure picked the wrong place to live." Glen said to himself as he passed the sign by.

While so, he saw an old gentleman jogging in the opposite direction and to pass by. Something Shelby Township didn't see much of, joggers. What Shelby Township had a lot of were condos and subdivisions. Shelby Township was part of northern Macomb County with a population increase of middle to upper-class citizens. It's neighbor to the east, Macomb Township, was beating Shelby to the population increasing game.

Glen continued to jog on the sidewalk of Hayes Road while seeing that 21 Mile Road was inching closer and closer to him with each step. The two talk show host of the morning sports talk station had stated that Rick Jones of Detroit had been injured during the previous night's game against Philadelphia in the NBA.

Glen hesitated a little upon that news, and said to himself, "let's hope that is not that bad."

But the host stated that he would be out for two weeks at the least.

Glen shook his head at that.

He had arrived at the Northwest corner of the intersection of Hayes and 21 Mile. He wanted to go across the street; however, he had to wait for that walk sign to pop up. Metropolitan Detroit intersections were very busy during rush hour times. So, to ensure fewer accidents, one could be waiting at a red light for quite a while. Let's not forget the people who need to make a left turn. A pedestrian would have to wait longer and so he waited. Glen continued to jog in place while taking a look at all corners of the intersection. There were strip malls at all intersections with a Burger King in front of the Southwest intersection and a gas station at the South East intersection. To Glen, who observed the interesting behavior of humans nowadays, would say that Shelby Township's hobbies revolve around shopping. And he would know for himself, he was a higher-up for the retail industry.

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