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                      —LUCID DREAMS—

                             —ACT ONE—

                             —ACT ONE—

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                        "the only thing he didn't
                                  know was that,"
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  EVERY GIRL BELIEVES that one day they will find their soulmate. Wether they want to or not every girl believes that one day they will find their soulmate and their soulmate will find them. Well every girl except Evelyn Garcia, Eva for short, Evelyn believed that her life revolved around one night stands, Drugs, and Vodka. She wasn't one to believe that she would get anywhere in life.

She moved to the suburbs from the city in the beginning of the summer. She moved onto the same street as Rue Bennett and they began best friends instantly. Rue then introduced her to Fezco, and even though she would never admit it to anyone, she fell for him immediately. Three weeks after the two met Rue almost overdosed and was sent to rehab leaving Eva to spend most of her time with Fez and Ash. As the days went on she couldn't wait to see her best friend again, and if had the courage to, she was going to tell Rue about her thing for the drug dealer.

☆: *.☽
                   "she dreamed about him too."
☆: *.☽

this book contains mature sexual themes,
under age drug and alcohol use, and some
verbal and physical abuse. Also the endings
     Of each chapter in the italicized font is rue
        speaking like she does in the beginning
                                    of the show.

               i do not own any of the euphoria
                characters or any of their lines i
               only own any of my own lines and
                                 evelyn garcia.

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