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         " you're the only girl I dream about, babe

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" you're the only girl I dream about, babe."
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

THE WHOLE WEEK WAS A HAZE, Rue and I had gotten high everyday and couldn't really remember anything up until today. It was a Friday and Rue, Jules, and I were all sitting at a table in the cafeteria watching some lame pep-ralley. Fez and I talked on Monday night over the phone and I also saw him on Wednesday. I really did miss him though. He told me that he had business to take care of tonight so we would have to hang out on Saturday. I knew Rue would drag me over there though, she was out of OxyContin's.

"I, 100 percent, don't feel safe right now." Jules said as a boy hopped on our table. We all laughed and giggled as we watched what was going on. When the school was over Rue, Jules, and I all went and rode our bikes by the orange trees.

"You guys wanna come for dinner tonight?" Rue asked looking at me and Jules.

"Uh, I wish, but my dad wants to have like a capital F, capital D, family dinner." She said pausing. "Which is weird cause it's literally just me and him eating dinner together, every single night." She said as Rue looked over at me.

"Uh, Yea I'll text my mom right now and tell her. I don't really wanna go home anyway.

"Bye guys." Jules said as she rode off.

"You like her." I stared as Rue looked over at me.

"I'm such a loser!" She said lightly.

"I don't think Jules would say the same." I said laughing as Rue looked up at the sky and a rain drop fell on her head.

"Wanna go see Fez?" She asked as it started to rain a little.

"Uh, I don't know Rue, he said he has business to take care of. I don't know if he's home." I said looking at her.

"Well if he's not there ashtray is." She said as it began to pour as we rode our bikes to Fezco's. When we got there we were both soaked. We propped our bikes up against the wall and Rue began to knock on the door.

"Yo, open the door!" She yelled as she put her middle fingers up at the camera.

"What do you want?" Ash asked.

"Open the fucking door." Rue said as he opened it and let us in.

"Yo who is it man?" I heard Fez say as we walked towards him.

"Your little bitch, and Rue." Ashtray said through the microphone.

"What the fuck! Nah bro tell her to come back later." As he said that we emerged into the room where he was.

"Yo, too late, bitch!" Rue yelled as we walked in.

"Heyyy babe." I cooed as I went over and he stood up grabbing my hips.

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