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       " you're the only girl I dream about, babe

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" you're the only girl I dream about, babe."
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

TWO WEEKS LATER, I was sitting in Fezco's lap at the corner store. Rue stood in front of us and was talking about some shit with Jules.

"Ya know, like, I really like her, but she's obsessed with that Tyler guy." Rue said as she paced back and forth. I broke the kiss between me and Fez and looked at her.

"Rue, baby," I said as I got off of Fezco's lap. "Just tell her that you like her, or maybe show it." I said as I hugged her and she kissed me on the cheek.

"I love you, you know that, right?" Rue asked as I broke the hug and gave her a peck on the lips.

"Of course I know that, Rue, I love you too." I said as I let go of her and went back to Fez.

"What's wit all this kissin' shit between y'all?" He asked looking at me and Rue.

"That's just the kind of best friends we are babe." I said as I put my head on his shoulder.

"Okay well, there's this college party tonight, and I wanted to bring you." He said looking at me.

"Oh hell yea, sure." I said as I looked over at Rue. "Can Rue come."

"Oh no, Eva, it's fine. I'm gonna go see why Jules wasn't in school today, I think she's mad at me."

"Oh okay well, We'll see you later than, cause this one takes forever to pick out a fuckin' outfit." He said as we stood up and get ready to leave.

"Just kiss her, Rue." I whispered as I hugged her and we left.


Once we got to my house we went into my room. As Fez sat on my bed he looked over at me and smiled.

"What are you smiling at, doofus." I said making him laugh.

"You're just so pretty, babygirl." He said as he pulled me closer to him. As he kissed me he flipped me over so he was on top. After a few minutes I stopped.

"Babe," I whined as he chuckled. "I gotta get ready." I said as he got off of me and let me pick my outfit out. I put on a white Lacey bustier top, a tight black skirt, and a little black leather jacked over it. I also put on some jewelry and my black heels. "What do you think?" I asked as Fez looked at me in awe.

"You look like a hot stripper." He said making my laugh.

"That's exactly what I was going for." I said as I went over to my vanity and started to do my makeup.

"You know, you don't need all that shit all over that pretty face of yours, mamas." He said making me blush.

"I know Fez but it just makes the outfit pop." I said as I applied my fake lashes. Once I was done I walked over to him and he held me by the waist.

"You look perfect, babygirl." He said kissing me.

"Okay now let's head to your place so you can put on clothes that match." I said as we got up and left. When we got back to his place he got dressed as I talked to Ash.

"So where the fuck y'all going that you had to dress like a hooker?" He asked looking at my outfit.

"I don't know we're going to some college party." As I said that Fez cape out of my room. He was dressed in a black jeans, a colorful 'odd future' shirt, and black nike shoes.

"Don't call my girl a hooker, bruh." He said as he stood next to me with his arm around my waist.

"I'm jus' sayin' she looks like she about to dance on a pole." Ash said as he walked back into his room. I laughed a Fez looked at me.

"If you were a stripper babygirl, you would be my stripper." He said as I laughed and he kissed me.

"Those are the sweetest word I've ever heard." I said sarcastically as he kissed me and we laughed. As we were about to leave we heard the door bell ringing. Me and Fez walked down the steps to see who was at the front door.

"Who is it?" Fez yelled.

"It's me. Open the door."

"Fuck." He said as he opened the big door but kept the bar door closed. "Not today Rue, I'm sorry."

"Come on, man." She said pausing. "Don't be a dick."

"Nah, I'm serious. You can't come in." He said looking at her.

"Babe," I whispered as I grabbed his arm.

"Look man all I-all I need is just, like, a few OCs. That's all."

"Rue your trying to start up again?" I asked lightly as I looked at her.

"Sorry, I can't help you." Fez said sternly.

"I thought you were all better, baby, what happened?" I asked as I looked at the girl but she didn't answer me.

"Fez, Fez. I've had a really fucked up day, all right? Look it's been a really fucked up day, okay? So I need you to open the door for me okay?" She asked looking sadly at Fez and I. Hearing her ask Fez for drugs again broke my heart. I really did think that she was getting better.

"He's not gonna help you kill yourself, Rue." I said as I looked at the girl with tears in my eyes.

"Eva, please don't cry, I'm fine, I'm doin' good. I just need to numb the pain, babe." She said looking at me.

"I'm sorry, but, you can't be coming over here no more." Fez said as he shut the door. When he shut it all the tears in my eyes just fell.

"Fez, Eva, open the fucking door!" Rue yelled as she banged omg the door.

"I thought she was all okay." I whispered as Fez held me while I tried not to have my makeup run.

"It's okay babygirl, she'll be okay." He whispered as I continued to cry lightly.

"I'm begging you, open the door!" She yelled. "Fez! You're full of shit man, you know you make you living off of selling drugs to teenagers! And now all the sudden you wanna have a fucking moral ground!" She yelled banging on the door. "You're a fucking drop out drug dealer! You know that? You're a fucking drop out drug dealer with seven functioning fucking brain cells!"

"Shit the fuck up Rue, and go back to your fucking house!" I yelled as I cried.

"Babygirl, it's okay, she'll leave soon." He said as he ran his fingers through my hair.

"Open the door!" She yelled banging on the door again. "Fuck you! Fuck you, Fez. Okay? Fuck you too Eva!"

"No Rue fuck you!" I paused as I stood up from the ground and walked to the closed door and opened it so she could see me. "Fuck you, for coming here and trying to get shit, I thought you were clean?!" I said with tears rolling down my face. "I thought you were fucking clean!" I said as I cried more and Fez came and hugged me from behind.

"You need to go Rue." He said as he closed the door and we walked back up to the couch. I sat there for what felt like hours, but was really only 30 minutes, crying in his arms. "Babygirl, please stop crying, I can't see you like this. I love you too much, baby. She'll be okay."

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