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        " you're the only girl I dream about, babe

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" you're the only girl I dream about, babe."
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

I WOKE UP THE NEXT MORING, Fezco's arms were wrapped around me. I yawned and Fez got up.

"How the fuck did I get here?" I asked looking at Fez.

"You and Rue came over last night, an you kinda took some fentanyl from my guy." He said looking at the ground as he put a shirt on.

"Wait so where is Rue?"

"She's at Jules house, or that's where I sent her." He said as he picked me up and kissed me. He then placed me back on the bed and kissed me some more. "Babygirl, you really scared me." He said softly. "An I know you hate hearin' this shit, but I need you to cut back. I can't have you dying because of me, I love you too much to do that." He said as he kissed me again.

"I know Fez, I will, I'll cut back. I love you too."


After that conversation I've been trying my best to stay clean a few weeks have gone by and I cut back from doing coke everyday to only doing it on Wednesdays and Sundays. I also only take Xanny bars when I'm really low.

Me and Fez have been doing really good lately. We've been seeing each other a lot lately and it's been pretty good. My mom hasn't really noticed that I haven't been coming home. Even if she did I don't think she would really care.

"Hey where is Jules?" I asked Rue as we walked down the hallway at school.

"Uh, she should be meeting us outside the school in a few minutes." The girl said looking at the ground. "So how are you and Fezco? Is he still flippin' about that night?" She asked looking over at me.

"Yeah, I'm trying to stay clean for him. I really love him a lot, I don't wanna fuck this one up." I said laughing lightly.

"Yeah, I know how that feels." As Rue said that Jules came running up and hugged us both.

"Hey, how are my two favorite girls doing?" She asked as she swung her arms around both of us.

"Good. How are you and your little internet lover boy?" I asked as she smiled.

"I'm not saying I'm in love, I'm just saying I really, really, really like him." She said as she took her arms from around us and began to walk.

"Who? Shyguy118?" Rue said with a bitter tone.

"His name is Tyler."

"It doesn't really matter. They're both lil fuckboy names." Rue stated.

"He's not. For real, like he's so sweet." She said trying to defend him.

"What school does he go to?" I asked as I gripped my backpack.


"Ew. Private school." Rue said as I elbowed her.

"You're just jealous." Jules spat back in a playful manner.

"I'm not jealous." Rue defended.

"I mean, you have been acting weird, like, all week." I pointed out.


"Yeah, like every time I'm on my phone, you just stop talking." Jules says as we continue to walk.

"Sorry." Rue said monotoned.

"It's fine." Jules said as she turned around to face us. "Wanna see his dick?" She asked as she laughed.

"Sure I guess?" I said laughing.

"I'll show you guys tomorrow. I just gotta text from my dad he said he needs me. Bye love y'all." She said as she kissed us goodbye and Rue and I walked off together. As we approached my house I saw Fezco's truck parked in front.

"Hey Fezzy, what are you doin' here." I asked as I leaned against his window with Rue behind me.

"Hey Fez." Rue said waving.

"Hey Rue." He responded. "An I'm here to pick you up. You're staying at my place for the rest of the week."

"I have school tomorrow and Friday, babe." I said looking at him.

"I know, an I'll drop you off and pick you up. I got you babygirl." He said kissing me.

"Okay well I gotta pack so you can come in with me if you want." I said as he smiled.

"Okay, sure." He said as he got out of the car. I turned around and hugged Rue.

"I'll see you tomorrow babes." I said as I kissed her on the cheek and me and Fez walked inside. As I opened the door I looked over at Fez. "Be quiet, she's past out." I whispered as we walked down the hall to my room.

"Wait, why was she on the couch?" He asked as I grabbed a bag and threw some clothes in it.

"She's just passed out from drinking too much.That's how she usually is if she's home. Most of the time she's not though." I said as I packed some make up and a pair of sneaker, since I already had heels on.

"Does this even cover yo' tits?" He asked as he held up a tube top I had.

"Yes, you idiot!" I said as I laughed lightly and grabbed it from him. We laughed for a little and once I was finished packing we left.

When we got to his house I put my bags in his room and we instantly began to make out. "Fez, you have condoms, right?" I asked as he looked at me.

"Of course I do babe, now just sit back and relax." He said making me laugh.

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