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        " you're the only girl I dream about, babe

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" you're the only girl I dream about, babe."
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A FEW DAYS AFTER THE HALLOWEEN PARTY JULES WENT TO THE POLICE STATION, she apparently told the officers that she witnessed Maddy being chocked by some guy named Tyler. Rue, Lexi, and I didn't believe it though, and Rue wanted us to help her 'crack the case'. Since she hadn't been in school for a whole week Rue began to get worried.

"Do we really have to wear these fucking outfits?" I asked referring to what Rue wanted us to wear as we sat in the school bathroom.

"Yes, we do. Now stay focused."

"Why would Jules lie to help Nate?" Lexi asked looking at us.

"I don't know." Rue deadpanned.

"Well how 'bout you go fucking ask her." I suggested as I played with the buttons on the vest I was wearing.


"Wait, so you haven't asked her?" Lexi asked.


"Well, doesn't that seem like the first logical step." Lexi suggested as I chuckled.

"Honestly, Howard, this whole thing is beyond logic." Rue said as she looked at Lexi. "Unless, Jules is in love with Nate." Rue said lighting up a Cigarette.

"Why the fuck would Jules be in love with Nate?" I asked throwing my arms in the air.

"You should listen to me."

"Bennett, the cigarettes are killing me!" Lexi yelled making me laugh.

"Hear me out, listen, listen the night of the carnival, she said she wanted to meet up with this guy she met online, okay? He's some fucking jock from a conservative family, and they were talking and texting." Rue said pausing. "But they weren't just texting, they were sexting."

"Yeah I know this shit." I said lightly.

"Like nudes?" Lexi asked for clarification.

"Yeah. Side note, very nice dick, very clean room." Rue said making me laugh.

"Oh." Lexi whispered.

"She never fucking saw his face." Rue pointed out.

"Yeah, so Jules is catfished."

"Now hear me out, so the night of the carnival, she made plans with this guy to meet up with him at the lake, Okay? I fucking go home. Next thing I know, she's fucking knocking on my window."

"Holy shit." I said looking at the two.

"She's all emotional, she's got fucking tears in her eyes. I say, 'Jules what the fuck happened?' She looks at me, and she goes... 'He didn't look like his picture.'"

"Yeah that's like the definition of Catfishing." Lexi said as I let out a loud laugh making both of them look at me.

"Sorry, but I mean she's not wrong."

"No, listen, do you know what his name was?" Rue asked rhetorically.

"Nate Jacobs?" Lexi asked.

"No, no, it was Tyler!" I shouted.

"Exactly." Rue stayed as she pointed at me, and I lit a cigarette.

"Like, Tyler Clarkson?"

"You're Goddamn right." Rue said as she took a hit of her cigarette making me giggle. "Maddy is 17, Tyler is 22, and they fornicated."

"Statutory." I said as I exhaled the smoke.

"Yeah. You two saw it, I saw it, we all fucking saw it."

"Including Nate." Lexi stated.

"And what is a lighter offense than statutory?" Rue asked looking at the two of us.

"Assault." I whispered as we walked out of the bathroom and to Lexi's locker.

"Bingo." Rue said as Lexi slammed her locker.

"Ok well, I gotta get home before my mom says something, so if you guys find anything, call me." Lexi said as she began to walk out the doors.

"Same, Fez is out front of the main entrance waiting for me. If you know anything else just call me from that weird old phone you got." I said as I hugged her and walked out the front entrance.

"There's my babygirl." Fez said as he kissed me while I got into his car. "You wanna head back to my place or to the corner store?"

"Actually, let's go to my place, my mom hasn't been home for like 2 days which means she probably won't be home for the rest of the week." I said as he nodded and began to drive to my house.

Later that night, at three in the morning, as Fezco and I were fucking, I got a phone call from Rue.

"Garcia, it's Bennett." She said sternly over the phone.

"It's 3:00 am, I'm trying to get fucked here, what is it!" I yelled as she laughed.

"HA! Gross, anyways I just told Howard this but listen, why would Nate single out Jules in the first place? It's obvious he was sexually attracted to her." Rue said pausing as she got up. "And since Jules is predominately het, okay, he wooed her white his, fucking creepy jock magic shit. She's super fucking sensitive, she's very forgiving, and she's basically the most wonderful fucking person on the planet...she feel for him."

"Ah! Right there Fez!" I moaned into the phone not realizing I was still on the call.

"Are you seriously getting fucked while you're on the phone with me?!" Rue asked as she yelled.

"You called me....at.....a bad.....time." I said as I tried to stifle my moans.

"Why are you fucking at 3:00 am?"

"6th time tonight, but, uh, why the fuck are you calling me at 3:00 am?" I shot back as she sighed.

"Just listen to me.....that's why she fucking testified."

"Okay, Bennett, I'm probably tellin' you the same thing Howard did, but your too fucking close to this case." I said as we both laughed over the phone. After I said that she hung the phone up and Fez looked at me.

"What the hell was so fucking important, that you had to talk to her while we was fuckin'?" He asked as he pulled out and threw the condom in the trash.

"Just about shit with Jules. It's nothing big, Rue just thinks that she testified for Nate cause she's in love with him." I said as I kissed him. After we layed there and cuddled for a little he turned his face towards mine.

"Wanna go for one last round?" He asked as I smirked and jumped on top of him.

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